'Mes and Pets

  1. Thank you!
  2. He is so handsome and totally rocks that twilly.
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  3. Bella and her Barenia Faubourg 35 IMG_1895.jpg
  4. Please don’t eat the twillies... IMG_1894.jpg
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  6. Delgado is at it again! IMG_1897.jpg
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  7. Love this photo! His face says “oops, caught out here!” Your closet is amazing, it looks like a boutique! :smile:
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  8. Thank you! I have a lot of fun in there and so do the kitties!
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  9. I have a little furry photobomber ... He also likes to put his toys in open H bags when I’m not looking.


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  10. I mean I can’t be going to H to just pick up my bag right! I bought him a bandana twilly!
    -Pic 1 maman, I look cute
    -Pic 2 go away, you are annoying me now.
    206AB82F-FEB2-4D13-A31C-73DACAD2ADC3.jpeg FB854986-D820-42A5-BC08-E32B04987E57.jpeg
  11. Best. Post. Ever!
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  12. Are your babies platinum and champagne Burmese? Or Siamese?
  13. Thank you for asking. My babies are Tonkinese. Delgado is champagne mink with aqua eyes and Bella is platinum point with blue eyes. Tonkinese are a cross between Siamese and Burmese. They have personality galore, very talkative and are the loves of my life My DH comes in at a close third and he loves them like crazy as well!
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  14. He's throwing some serious side eye! :lol:
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  15. I'm in love, what a darling
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