'Mes and Pets

  1. Thank you!
  2. He is so handsome and totally rocks that twilly.
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  3. Bella and her Barenia Faubourg 35 IMG_1895.jpg
  4. Please don’t eat the twillies... IMG_1894.jpg
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  6. Delgado is at it again! IMG_1897.jpg
  7. Love this photo! His face says “oops, caught out here!” Your closet is amazing, it looks like a boutique! :smile:
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  8. Thank you! I have a lot of fun in there and so do the kitties!
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  9. I have a little furry photobomber ... He also likes to put his toys in open H bags when I’m not looking.


  10. I mean I can’t be going to H to just pick up my bag right! I bought him a bandana twilly!
    -Pic 1 maman, I look cute
    -Pic 2 go away, you are annoying me now.
    206AB82F-FEB2-4D13-A31C-73DACAD2ADC3.jpeg FB854986-D820-42A5-BC08-E32B04987E57.jpeg
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  11. Best. Post. Ever!
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  12. Are your babies platinum and champagne Burmese? Or Siamese?