'Mes and Pets

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  1. My newest rescue

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  3. She prefuuuurs the term 'interior dramatist':P
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  4. Thank you! The kitties love the blankets.
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  5. :lol:
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  6. congrats on the newest addition to your family!!
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  7. Thank you so much! ❤️
  8. 884A3F58-E5C9-4E8D-81AE-E275F6866E2A.jpeg “What’s this?!! I’m a parrot I don’t wear clothes!!!
    B19AF469-39B7-47E0-A018-E54AF3B94AAB.jpeg “It’s a twilly Barclay, you can wear it as a scarf”
    7E7DDE5E-9ABC-41C3-BBEF-2A2B13072178.jpeg “Or in a bow” “Ah, ok, I’ll go back to what I was doing!” 8D97E019-F78F-44EB-A534-CF43CC90324B.jpeg “Actually I think I look quite smart in it! Is this photo for TPF? I’ll pose nicely then, they call me handsome on there!!”
  9. Barclay is the most handsome and beautiful parrot I ever have seen! The twilly suits him.
    YES for twillies on parrots! :smile:
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  10. This is awesome. Your macaw is so beautiful!
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  11. Delgado likes to hang out with my scarves and other accessories in the display case in my closet. His sister, Bella reminds him not to snag anything with his paws and to please, not use my jewelry as play toys. IMG_0682.jpg IMG_0683.jpg
  12. so handsome Barclay!!!

    OMG your kitties are just so cute!!!! bella is such a good girl, looking out for your pieces!
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  13. 6E0DE962-F084-4616-B4F4-7A494A1E49AB.jpeg 5F495A18-AE57-4639-AD8F-09FAEDB017DE.jpeg My tigress sat on the evies when I switched out gold to etoupe. She also posed nicely with the rodeo until her instincts kicked in and she saw it as a chew toy.
  14. Beautiful closet!
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  15. These are the cutest pics everrrrrr! Thank you for sharing.
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