'Mes and Pets

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  1. No not mess and pets the other 'Mes and pets......:P

    I have a Birkin guarder........do you?

    Post your little munchkin:heart:


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  2. Awwww...kisses to the little 'mes protector! So cute! xoxo
  3. [​IMG]

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  4. That is Stormy the Wonderdog with the Birkin.
  5. OMG Your Birkin Protectors are Adorable!!
  6. This is an older pic of Oz with my Kelly...which has found a new home...the Kelly that is...not the Oz...

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  7. Awww, all the doggies are so cute. The bags are pretty nice too :graucho:

    Everyone's seen mine :lol:
  8. I don't have any pets, but the pics on this thread is adorable.
  9. So so so cute!!!!
  10. oh gosh, you have seen this.....but.....


    Wieners UP!!!
  11. I Love All Of These Pictures......So Precious!!!!!!!!!
  12. :love:
    Lovely doggies!
    Loony, your cat surely takes the top spot for looking so totally regal with a Birkin! :P
  13. Adorable, thanks for sharing ladies.
  14. CB Too cute!
    Ozzysmom Very sweet!
    Loony your cat is so cute! I have Russian Blues their camera shy!
  15. Ozzy: Is your baby a Mastiff or a great dane? My Nan had a English Mastiff for 10 years and he was the most gentle lovely dog in the world!!

    Curious: Ahh I LOVE English Bull Terriers!! Yours is gorgeous!!

    Lol, well I don't have any H yet but can I show my baby guarding my Louis??

    Here she is!

    And here is her normal position! Thinking of nothing except food, food, food!!