Merry Christmas - or: Happy Holidays?

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  1. Sorry you guys have no case. It's sad to see you grasping. LOL
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  2. I'm glad someone is on topic!
    I'd love to celebrate again on the 7th!
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    LOL! You keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better, doll.
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  4. And...back to topic, thanks OP! :tup:

    Let us know about it!
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    I literally can't even with you. Are you 7 years old?

    You win..I can't keep talking to people who can't grasp basic logic.
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  6. You think you know everything . You try to be condescending when you can't win a discussion. Poor thing likes to bully women while hiding behind a computer screen. LOL
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  7. Trying to insult shows lack of intelligence.
    If you stop talking to me I'll believe in Santa again.
  8. Exactly! LOL :P. LOL :idea: LOL :biggrin: LOL:lol:
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  9. You guys sure are working yourselves up in a tizzy. :popcorn:
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  10. So do I! :heart:
  11. Do I really have to wait another 345 days to wish everyone Happy Holidays again? le sigh :hrmm:
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  12. What about Easter? :cool:
    Easter is earlier! :smile:
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  13. :lol:
    I condescend to ANYONE who intentionally ignores facts and acts like a child when confronted with an opposing opinion.
    I Couldn't careless if you're a man or woman. If you can't accept reality and continue to spout lies, I'm going to talk down to you no matter what gender/sex/race/religion you are...and I'll do it right to your face. :smile:
    If you're gonna try to bully me (don't worry...the irony wasn't lost on me), at least use accurate accusations!
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  14. As an ambassador of the Happy Holidays Association (Ha.H.A.)'re only allowed to wish someone Happy Holidays during the Christmas season and only when you're trying to "take Christ out of Christmas". The official start date is now the day after Halloween.
  15. Due to difficulties with sticking to the old calendar, most celebrate on 12/25 but here are services and usually families will have a small gathering. When I was younger, I always got a small present on 1/7. Easter, on the other hand, is strictly based upon the Julian calendar. This was sometimes an issue when I was a kid because it could weeks after the Gregorian calendar. There were many years when all the Easter egg dying kits impossible to buy as well as the candy. We had one chocolatier who was Orthodox in town, but he made very dark chocolates. My mom always bought me these expensive beautiful hand made chocolates that I despised - because i was a kid and dark chocolate is an acquired taste that most 7 year olds lack! I still tease her about the Easters with terrible candy and the stench of vinegar (food coloring and vinegar since all the Paas glitter kits were long gone). Then add the weird foods and the extremely strict fasting rules! Although not Greek, I really identify with my big fat Greek wedding.
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