Merry Christmas - or: Happy Holidays?

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  1. Hey Charles - Love everything you say! When I young, a teacher told me ignorance is bliss. Each year, this rings truer and truer. I'd give just about anything to experience that bliss - sadly we can't so we will keep fighting the good fight.
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  2. @ The Twelve Days of Christmas :smile:

    I think "The Twelve Days of Holidays" would not sound so well. :cool:
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    Of course not, Silly! @Traminer since it's a specific observance in the Christian religion commencing on the Christian day of Christmas. Remember, it's not even celebrated by *all* Christians.

    Happy holidays from the rest of us non Christians!
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  4. That's fantastic! I'd love to have double celebration. Thanks also for taking the time to explain it to me. I love hearing about different religions even though I'm not religious myself.
  5. Talking of traditions - tomorrow is a public holiday in parts Germany: Dreikönigstag - the Day of the Three Kings. It is a holiday in my home region Baden-Württemberg. :smile:

    More about it:

    Who has heard of this public holiday before? :smile:
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  6. Did this thread turn, forcibly by OP, into discussion of various Christian holidays? Isn't it supposed to be about two specific forms of greetings, i.e., language and not religion per se?

    Because otherwise, I gather we can post about any and all world religion observances. In that vein: what are everyone's thoughts on the Hindu celebration Holi as it is done worldwide?
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  7. Who could possibly forget about January 25th? It's Criminon Day.
    Criminon is a program for rehabilitating prisoners using L. Ron Hubbard's teachings. Criminon International, a non-profit, public-benefit corporation managing the Criminon program, was spawned from Narconon International in 2000, and is part of Association for Better Living and Education's public outreach programs. Criminon is promoted by the Church of Scientology International. Independent experts contend that methods used by the program are not supported by any scientific studies*.
    (source: Wikipedia)
    * Whaaaat? C'mon. Really? I find that hard to believe.

    And with that dolls, I'm off on my spaceship to Xenu. Nanu Nanu :wave:
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  8. @jellyv all of this! Bravo for you to call this out!

    Holi sounds like such a fun holiday! Starts on the evening of March 1 this year.
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  9. Today now is the 6th of January - the Day of the Three Holy Kings. :smile:
    This is a public holiday in many parts of the world.
    And it is not just any random feast day, but it is closely connected with Christmas and therefore perfectly on topic.
    This day marks the end of Christmas time - the end of the twelve nights or days.
    When I am late with some of my Christmas cards, I often write something like: "It may be too late to wish you a Merry Christmas - but I can still wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS TIME!" As this Christmas time lasts unto the Day of the Three Holy Kings. :smile:

    According to another tradition, Christmas time lasts even until Candlemas - on the 2nd of February.
    So - in that sense: "A Merry Christmas Time to everybody!" :smile:
    To everybody who is not "offended" by this wish.

    And "Happy Holidays!" to everybody who does not like the word "Christmas" and might be even "offended" by it.

  10. And here is a beautiful fine old song - a song fitting for today. :heart:
  11. A few years ago, the Focus on the Family group perpetrated this nonsensical argument of Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays. The irony is their campaign featured the line “put Christmas back in the holidays”. If someone says Merry Christmas to me, I’ll say the same, likewise Happy Holidays. One could take the word holiday to mean Holy day or simply to be more inclusive of different religions or ethnic celebrations. I will never understand why people get so upset over which phrase to say and in my 58 years, I’ve never been told NOT to say Merry Christmas and it’s not illegal last I heard and never has been .
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  12. Good! And may it never ever happen! :smile:
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  13. Here you can see the Russian-Orthodox church in Baden-Baden:

    Read more - and see pictures:

    Tomorrow - on the 7th of January - I 'll be there to celebrate the Russian-Orthodox Christmas.

    с Рождеством! :smile:
  14. Soon we 'll have August.

    And in August the Christmas Season starts in the Supermarkets! :smile:
  15. this year they start later.
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