Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal To The Metal Sasha Shoulder Bag

  1. Sorry can't edit my post: There is a (slightly damaged) Sasha on UK eBay so I actually just compared the relative measurements of Sasha & Natasha with bags I own and Sasha would look huge on me (5'3) Natasha will be best, if the flap thing is not a problem.
  2. Hallo every one.

    I just bought a marc by marc jacobs Petal to the Metal Sasha in cement color, and I was wondering what kind of zipper it should have, to be authentic? I know that he normally uses Riri or lampo zippers, but I have read somewhere that he also uses YKK zippers sometimes…?
    Which zipper should be in a Petal to the Metal Sasha bag?
  3. ^ i think its best you take pics and post them on the authenticate this marc thread, the girls are really helpful there
  4. The last few times I've been in HR, I've fawned over them a little. But still haven't worked up the courage to try it on incase I fall head over heels for it. How are you liking your Natasha?

    ps, hi tortie! ;)
  5. Hi Jeilamille,

    While it's best to authenticate your purchase on TPF, I just wanted you to know that my PTTM pouchette has a YKK zipper.
  6. Is the Kenneth Cole Jet Streat Tote too big for an everyday bag? There is a tan one on eBay that I am interested in, but I think it might be too big. Ideally I want the camera size. I am also looking for black.
  7. I just bought PTTM Sasha in a fuschia color today @ my local Nordies! Who would have thought it was still out there...I feel lucky as it's my birthday. Guess it was meant to be! What an adorable purse. Mine was full price though :sad:

    this is the color -
  8. hey your bag is great. what color is the inside zipper parts lining.. is it multi color or black and white.. i heard the leather on the newer ones isnt so nice. also can u wear this as a shoulder bag? like can u shorten the strap.

  9. is this the only brown that this bag comes in other than the bombay color/ thanks
  10. hello
    sorry there is a difference between a sasha and a natasha in the petal to the metal? what is the difference. thanks
  11. ^^The sasha is the bigger size!!
  12. oh boy but no one is selling the sasaha.. how big is it.. i think i read somewhere 15x10? that is a bit huge

    oh also can u double the strap over on both versions?
  13. The sasha is def "a bit huge", so it depends a bit on what size bags you like and what "fits" you.

    Sasha is not in any of the current collections, so your only chances would be eBay or other resale sites!!