Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal To The Metal Sasha Shoulder Bag

  1. Ok question ladies. I was originally considering the Twisted Q Baby Aidan, but that brick color is not what i was looking for. Im not sure if its in the dark red that shows on the website.

    I am also interested in the Petal to the Metal Sasha Shoulder Bag. Im going to be 26 in 2 weeks. Am I too old for this bag? Is it to young you think? I dont know. I like it. Im thinking about it but I'm not sure.
  2. I hope you're not too old for this bag cuz that'll make me too "ancient" for it!!!:p

    Seriously - I don't think this bag is more suited for a specific age group. I'm nearly 20 yrs older than you and as you can see by my signature, this is one of the bags I'm waiting for this fall!

    I think it's a great style - simple with a touch of MJ (with the gold doves on the front). It's made from lambs leather too, so if anything, I think the sasha has a bit of maturity that some of the other MbyMj don't have.

    What color were you considering? If you're worried about looking age apprpriate, you might want to go with the black or brown -- but if you like the other colors, I wouldn't be afraid to purchase and carry it!

    (did you see the thread where we posted detailed pics of this bag? I can't wait for this one!)
  3. The Brown:

  4. and the black

  5. aww thank you for being so helpful. I was thinking in black, because i just almost NEVER wear brown. I just really like bags with long straps, and the leather looks really nice. I just wasnt sure if this bag was aimed at the younger crowd. I know im not that old, but I can't afford most of the purses I want. This is affordable and it looks cool too!. I appreciate your help a lot!!
  6. wait, I am confused...isn't this bag only messenger style? or is there a shoulder version? or can one shorten the strap?
  7. i believe you can shorten the strap
  8. it looks like the strap is doubled up in the pics ^^
    if you look closely, there's two layers of leather all along the strap
    In those pics in the attached links, the strap looks like its a single layer so that its longer so it can be worn messenger style
  9. thanks for posting all of those jj! :heart:

    i just pre-ordered the black one. it won't ship until the beginning of oct but that's okay. the modeling shots on that site make the bag look HUGE (which you know i love!) but the dimensions on BG's site are pretty medium-size. i guess we'll see!
  10. I love this bag! I just turned 50 and I'd wear it lol. Dawn where did you pre order yours from?
  11. hi cat! from Bergdorf Goodman. no tax (for me since no BG in VA) and free shipping with code BGWELC
  12. I was pretty fortunate to play with one this week and the bag is hands down BEAUTIFUL. The leather is thick and luscious like nothing you've felt from a MbMJ bag before but beware it is suppppper heavy.

    I don't think there's an age range to the bag either. It's a vintage style with a cute little dove. Nothing screams teeny bopper :tup:

  13. thank you rachie! :heart: can you compare it to the size of a stella? bigger? smaller?
    can you tell me more about the weight? heavy like a venetia? or worse? :shocked: