Many items discontinued this summer !

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  1. $455 USD
  2. Thank you!
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  3. New men's collections include a new messenger bag called the Capetien. Also, the St. Leger just released is a remake of the St. Lucie with detachable straps to convert it into a backpack.

    St. Leger: black/black, black/tan USD 2380, navy/grey USD 3090
    Capetien: black/black, black/tan USD 2180, navy/grey USD 2830
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  4. I saw the St Leger on Thursday and back strap design is quite nifty.

    Again, i am disappointed with the limited selection of colors. The SA told me that other colors are possible but only via MTO.....which means it will costs a bomb!! Not happy with the way they do this....
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  5. Agree. I told my SA the same thing regarding lack of colors for the men's collection.
  6. Are they leather straps? The Capetian looks like it has canvas straps. The best was the Urbain with the pattern on the strap I hope they make more like those.
  7. The straps on the Saint Léger backpack are solid black leather.
  8. Saw the St. Leger in Shanghai last week and it looked amazing. Had been waiting for the St. Lucie update for a while and this didn't disappoint. It's still completely foldable, maintains the full yellow cloth interior, but ads the option to hook two minimal straps on the back to utilize the bag as a backpack. The straps stay out of the way and don't seem bothersome even if you carried it as a tote with them on. They only had the navy version at the store so I didn't purchase it.
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  9. There are some differences between saint Lucie and saint leger, beside the additional strap:

    1. The 4 metal feet at base are now replaced by two strips of leathers. The Absence of metal feet seems to be feature of Goyard recently launched models.

    2. The removable hard base is gone. This makes the Saint leger not able to ‘stand’ on its own

    3. This is something very minor but the buttons to clip the flap are different. SA claimed that the new version is more ‘clickable’. But I can’t really feel the difference.

    Overall, Saint Leger is a decent city backpack. But I would prefer the metal feet and removable hard base to be present. The leather backstrap could be abit wider and softer. b6d96aee-e76d-4ac5-a3e9-4775ad2953cb.jpg
  10. Thanks for the info. I'm wondering if a tote organizer would help keep it sturdy without having a base. I have an organizer in the Voltaire, which seems to help in distributing the weight evenly at the bottom. Love that I would be able to fold this up and take it with me during travel.
  11. Great summary. After I bought mine, I was going to do a review of this bag vs St Lucie, but I was just too lazy. :P
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  12. sorry to ask, but how much did you pay for this bag? did you buy it in america?
  13. Yes, I bought the St. Leger in the US from the Chicago location. See above for prices. I do not know what prices are outside the US. Others may be able to help you.
  14. Please do a review on the Saint Legere! I have always been intrigued about the Saint Lucie (and I have a few bags that are already similar to the Voltaire), but hesitated due to the lack of a shoulder strap option and I have been on the look out for a nice chic backpack that I can take to the office, etc. (and I think the the Saint Legere is the perfect bag for me) so I would love a review on it with a lot more pictures of the bag (if possible).
  15. Stunning bag