Many items discontinued this summer !

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  1. Hi everyone,

    After calling the Goyard store to ask about the availability of some pieces, the SA told me that Tuileries wallet, Saint-Paul wallet (mens' wallet with a coin pouch) and Miroir toiletry case are all being discontinued.

    I was so disappointed as two of these pieces were on my wish-list...

    And guess what ?! Since this summer, Goyard does not anymore take special orders to produce discontinued items... So there's no possibility to get them. That's such a pity as special orders seem to be Goyard's lifeblood and an oh so important part of their DNA.

    But, there's still a reason to be happy : according to this SA, "many" new SLGs are going to be launched this summer. A new toiletry case to replace the Miroir, and new mens and women wallets are coming their way ! Can't wait to see them :smile:

    I'll share here every other information that I can get.

    Thanks for reading !
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  2. Thanks for the information. I am happy to hear they are making new pieces. This also corroborates the previous intel regarding redo of the St. Lucie.
  3. Information that I have gotten from the SA at 233 rue saint honore last week : Victoria bag and Comores tote pm will be discounted as well.
  4. The Tuileries wallet is also on my wish list! Do you know what the current price is in the us for it?
  5. Here is the discontinued list that I received in the US:

    Fregate Belt
    Grand Bleu Messenger Bag
    Hotel du Parc
    Jeanne (all sizes)
    Saint Martin
    Sardaigne Vanity Case
    Tuileries Wallet
    Vendome GM
  6. Thank you so much for sharing this list with us ! Sounds insane that Goyard discontinues such a lot of items, even some that are pretty much popular.

    I assume they're going to change a lot of things within the following months. Can't wait to see
  7. Perhaps we do not need to be too alarmed.

    If we see the previous records of Goyard, they do not usually "discontinue" (as in totally kill off) designs which are known to be "classic''.

    Rather, they focus on re-creating items based on their line of classic designs and incorporate new elements. For example, as one SA told me, the St Lucie and Alpin are inspired from Steamer bag. The current Senat that we see today is after many versions of an old folder. In fact, for Senat produced this year, Goyard has changed the size of zipper pull-tab and include a small pouch meant for ticket stub.

    Unlike many of the other brands, Goyard takes a long time to launch a "new" product or coming out with a new version. I guess this is their way of making all their products to stay "classic" as long as possible and not just "seasonal".

    Hopefully, we get to see many new items from Goyard soon, inspired by all those designs that we love!
  8. I wonder whats going to replace the Grand Bleu.. Discontinuing the only messenger bag in their men's line doesn't sound like a wise decision.
  9. Omg. I haven't been on the Goyard forum lately so this is a shock. I wanted a Beluga, Hotel du Parc and a Victoria, possibly a Jeanne as well! I can't believe so many key pieces are being discontinued at once. :wtf::wtf::wtf::tdown::crybaby:
  10. I am shocked that the Grand Bleu will be discontinued. :o
  11. Bellechase GM is also discontinued. They only had 4 at the Paris flagship and the SA said that was it.
  12. I love the Tuileries wallet and heard about the resting of the line.
    I love the red and bought the last one at Barney's .
    Excited about all the new SLG's.

  13. Hello I'm new to this forum as well as the Goyard brand. I'm very interested in the Marjordome. I love soft sided luggage. Does Goyard offer a different bag in s similar style? In your personal opinion will this bag be revised and rereleased, since the style is such a classic? Is there a thread dedicated solely to Marjordome? I spent several hours trying to research the brand and have found them to be more exclusive than Hermes!! Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  14. Just got a response from Goyard. Marie Gallante is discontinued. Victoria, Yona and Marquises are confirmed discontinued as well. :sad:
  15. It almost looks like they are discontinuing the whole collection, pff.

    I contacted them about the Saint Marc, I really hope they won't discontinue that one.