Many items discontinued this summer !

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  1. I don't quite get it either. I'm hoping they're getting design improvements and maybe renamed as part of an overhaul. Really wanted a Marie Gallante and Victoria as I like structured bags.
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  2. According to my SA there are no men's wallets being discontinued. There will be a new wallet coming this September, I will keep you updated on that. :smile:
  3. I was told that Goyard has hired a new individual (marketing director? I can't remember the exact title used) to begin revamping the brand. This is the cause of the cancellation of many existing products and the future introduction of new ones.
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  4. Interesting. Of course, most of the designs are rather traditional in terms of aesthetics but that's Goyard's selling point. I wonder how much they'll change the designs. It's slightly worrying.
  5. I can't believe they are discontinuing the grand bleu. I have one on special order from Barney's NY since last Sept and still haven't heard about it. How long does a special order usually take?
  6. I reached out to the Goyard boutique in New York and they said Grand Bleu is still in production. Can someone double confirm please.
  7. My Grand Bleu bag order from last Sept from Barney's New York was cancelled. I waited almost 10 months just to find out the order did'nt go through. It was a special order color of navy. I picked up the bigger messenger bag today from Barney's NY. It was a bigger size that you can fit a laptop into it. I'm disappointed that I didn't get my special order navy, but I can deal with a bigger bag since I can put more things into this bigger messenger bag. Barney's NY does have the green in the Grand Bleu and that is it.
  8. I also understand that the Voltaire bag will be re-issued with slight modifications. My understanding is that it will now no longer come with a strap and the handles will be longer. If anyone has further details on the new Voltaire, please advise. The current Voltaire tote is so comfortable to carry so I hope the changes are not too drastic.
  9. When I was at the flagship Goyard store in Paris 2 weeks ago, I had my St. Lucie with me, and the SA told me that the current rumor for the next version of the St. Lucie will be to accommodate an optional strap.
  10. When I was exchanging emails with 233 this summer, they confirmed the Marquises was discontinued, but they did not confirm the Jeanne.
  11. Has anyone heard anything about a new fidgi? I'd love a hobo style bag that zipped.
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  12. Talked with 233 this morning. Jeanne is confirmed as discontinued. I will be in Paris next Monday, so I will report back on findings.
  13. I love soft sided luggage will the majordome be revamped as well??
  14. Any information on the majordome or its replacement if applicable.
  15. I have not received any new information since my last report. I recommend that you contact Goyard directly so they can address your questions. Good luck!