Many items discontinued this summer !

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  1. So since there were so many items discontinued this summer, does anyone have a list of styles still available?!?
  2. Does anyone have information on an upcoming redesign of the Bellechasse PM? I was informed by the Goyard NYC store that a new version would be available in the next few months.
  3. I saw the new pm one in SF last week. Has a flap that folds over to cover the contents of the bag and the closure on the inside strap I think is a button style now. The flap is nice. Other than the flap I did not see any real change.
  4. Thanks Lexgal for the updates.

    Does the exterior look any different from the current version?

    Does the GM have the same change?

    I am hoping that Goyard adopt the same change for GM as GM is more app for a guy. But last I heard, they had discontinued GM altogether.
  5. They did not have a new gm but the confirmed that they were getting them. I went in looking for the gm. They shared that any changes were likely to be consistent with the changes to the pm. Evidently ny has what I wanted per the computer. I plan to check next week.
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  6. I also hope they make a new hobo style! I don't believe there are any currently being sold?

    Anyone know if the mini Anjou is still being sold and what the price is? TIA!!
  7. Hi I just purchased a mini Anjou in the London store and they had a variety of colours available. They didnt mention it was being discontinued etc. But I didn't specially ask. They had white, green, and light blue instock when I was there today. It was £1585 including VAT. Hope that helps.
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  8. Did you see any discounted items Redkitty?
  9. Bumping this thread...

    Is the Vendôme PM (all leather with canvas inserts) still in production?
  10. Just learned of another piece to be discontinued ... the Bourse small drawstring pouch. :sad:
    (photo from

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  11. That's unfortunate! Years ago when I was in Paris boutique, the knowledgeable store manager told me that the drawstring pouch was one of the oldest, original Goyard design. Interestingly, it was designed to be used as coin pouch for horseman. It is truly a piece that shows their heritage.
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  12. Thank you for sharing such a great story! It makes it even more sad that so many iconic pieces are going away.
  13. Goyard is going through changes that I have not seen before since I started following them about 10 years ago. Goyard used to release a new model like every 1-2 year but nowadays, they are releasing new / different version of existing model almost every month! So, i guess from inventory perspective, it makes sense they have to discontinue models which are not so popular....
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  14. Good to know. I almost got one of these. I wonder what they run and if I can have my friend who is coming to the US pick me one up.
  15. Anyone have any pricing info on this? I looked at one in Paris in April 2017, but completely forgot what the pricing was. Will be in NYC next weekend and Mexico City first weekend of November (was in Paris in early July and wont be going back for a while), so might try and grab one.