Manolo Blahnik HANGISI owners and lovers, come in!

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  1. Not about shoes but can you tell me what HB stands for? And I think sometimes I see DB/DH too? Or am I incorrect with that...
  2. Hb-husband
    Db/dh - dear boyfriend/ dear husband
  3. My blue hangisis were my wedding shoe as well (they were my something blue.)

    Although my wedding wasn’t nearly as grand as Peony’s
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  4. Thank you! My searches for the meaning turned up to be: head b!tch, da husband, happy birthday... hahaha
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  5. I LOVE the green ones! Wow
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    This is my Manolo Blahnik collection. I shamelessly screenshotted it from My own IG. All have the 70mm heel.
    PhotoGrid_1549243374048.jpg Screenshot_20190204-091737_Instagram.jpg
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  7. Does anyone have sizing info on the Velvet Hangisi 105? I know sizing is sometimes inconsistent with Hangisis.. I'm usually a 37.5, but I found a velvet pair on sale that's only available in a 37... I know it's a stretch, but I'm hoping the velvet ones are the rare ones that run a little big...
  8. All of mine run small so I sized up half a size. Still some a tighter than others...
  9. I did this for my recent wedding :smile:
  10. Hi i have a question,
    Anyone’s have champagne color, how’s your hangisi now? Is it still gorgeous?

    And what do you think guys about nadira style? Why is not famous like hangisi? Is it (the Swarovski) hurt on our feet?
  11. I have the nadira, it's a beautiful shoe and really is a completely different style. Manolo has made so many jeweled shoes over the years. The fact that the hangisi was featured in the first Sex and the City movie certainly helped to catapult it into cult status.
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  12. B8B090EB-572F-457E-A5C4-AAAD682D4F5B.jpeg 1E214AF8-B4CB-4B70-8971-3D203A443ECA.jpeg Hubby said ‘buy something nice’ as he was feeling bad for being out of town for Valentine’s Day.
    These are my first pair but I’m afraid it will be a slippery slope
  13. Please let me know how the Hangisi flats run in size? I‘m a 38 usually, not sure what size to order them in because there is no store near me!
  14. For me insole 24,5, hangisi 38 with 7 cm is fits perfectly with comfortable walk. Until now my hangisi not expand, i wore only 2-3 times, (around 4 hours the longest) until now.
    Totally different with my pigalle louboutin patent 8,5cm, size 38. Hurts me so bad :sad: really hurt, I don’t know when she will expand also. But it’s too tight. So i sold her.
    That’s for my opinion, hth.
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  15. Hi there, I find that I am either 37.5 or 38 in most shoes and for the Hangisi’s (both in flats and heels) I am a 38. Not sure if that helps but basically I think they run a little small (I have wide feet!) so if you’re between sizes like I am then go with the bigger. HTHs
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