Manolo Blahnik HANGISI owners and lovers, come in!

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  1. Just bought my first pair in nude lace. I love them! I want to wear them with just jeans and other casual outfits. Do you ladies ever feel like the hangsi are too dressy for non-formal outings?

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  2. not at all! I wear mine with jeans all the time. Mine are flats but the shoes itself are still dressy and can be worn casually.

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  3. I'm with you. I wear mine with jeans all the time.
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  4. You look fantastic!
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  5. I'm looking to purchase my first pair of MB Hangisi's and require your opinions Ladies.
    Out of the two colours below; black or purple. Which Hangisi would you pick and why?

    I have 2 other black pumps/closed toe heels in my collection one is CL So Kate's and the other black winged Sophia Webster's. I don't own any purple heels.

    Do you think Hangisi's are best in classic colours or more fun with a pop of colour?

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  6. The Hangisi is such a pretty shoe, you can't go wrong with either colour. If you want more variation from the blacks, purple would be the way to go.
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  7. thank you :smile:
  8. I was in NY a few weeks ago for the 10 year anniversary of the hangisi at the Manolo Blahnik boutique. It was the night of the blizzard so only about half of us even made it. He made some special models for the anniversary which are limited edition. Each came in 105 mm, 70 mm or flat. I bought these at the 70 mm which make it a walkable shoe during the day. I haven't worn any of them yet, I just keep looking at them, they're so beautiful!

    1Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 5.58.10 PM.png 2manolo-blahnik-hangisi-decade-1.jpg 3manolo-blahnik-hangisi-love-3.jpg IMG_5223.jpg IMG_5239.jpg
  9. wow those are all so stunning!!!! :shocked:
  10. Absolute works of art!! Thanks for sharing :girlsigh::girlsigh::girlsigh:
  11. Those are gorgeous audreylita!
  12. Thank you everyone. Still haven't worn any of them, they're too fun just to look at. :lol:
  13. Ohhh my God awesome
  14. Hi! May I get some size advice please? :smile:

    I usually wear US 6.5/ Euro 37.

    I tried the Hangisi is Euro 36.5 (which was labelled US 6.5 as well?) and it fits fine except the toe box is slightly snug. 37 was more comfortable in front but the back tended to slip out.

    Does the toe box expand?
  15. I wouldn't get a shoe too snug in the toe and would consider using a reputable cobbler who could professionally stretch out the toe box area. For me that would be Leather Spa in NY. I have never had that done with a satin shoe, only leather, so really don't know if that would be the best idea but is an alternative.

    That aside, you can get a heel cushion that you stick in the inside back of a shoe to take up that little extra space and to keep your shoe on without sliding. There are tons of them to choose from on Amazon. Personally that's what I would do. They really do work.
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