Manolo Blahnik HANGISI owners and lovers, come in!

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  1. I ordered a pair today! :yahoo: Anyhow, here's the deal. The shoes at the store (NM) had a square heel tap with no metal. The shoes were part of a trunk show type event though so I haven't seen the actual shoes I will be receiving. The shoes on the NM website have a round heel tap with a bit of metal. My question is, which type do yours have and where did you get the shoes from? I like the round with metal better but it's not really a reason for canceling the order or returning the shoes.

    Did I mention I can't wait til they arrive????
  2. I've never seen the round one, any pics?

    I have the blue Hangisi from the SATC movie and they are divine. I got them from the Manolo boutique in NYC. I also special ordered another pair in black satin and hope to receive it before Christmas. The wait is torture!
  3. I ordered mine from and they have a round heel metal/lift.
  4. Here's a picture of the shoe I saw in store:


    And the one from the NM website:

    See the difference in the heel tap? I MUCH prefer the second one.
  5. I ordered these, and then returned them. (don't shoot me) I love them, but the satin on one of the heels was already fraying and I was scared it would do it more. I was concerned with the delicate nature of these shoes and I think I would be afraid to wear them.

    Anywhoo, back to your post, I like the first ones you posted, not the ones I had. The silver gives the shoes a different look, but I really like how the other one is a solid line look, KWIM?
  6. I know what you mean but looking at it closely, the heel is actually different. I have to wait til the shoes arrive in a few days and see which ones they are. If they are the ones with the square tap, I might return them and call the MB boutique in NYC and see what I can do about getting the other ones. Also the store didn't have my size (hence the special order) so I sorta had to order blindly. They had an 8 1/2 which was a bit big so we went with an 8. I hope that fits.
  7. I also ordered the pair with the silver metal ring on the heel. I've already had a pair with this element even though I eventually returned them. I like both and would be happy with either pair. In fact I even like the square heel better. I bought mine online at BG. I'm hoping that they'll ship out within a few weeks.
  8. I think the slight flare in the heel of the first pair is so elegant, I much prefer it. It's so ... Manolo! I hope you like the shoes you get.

    I wish you well,

  9. I like the traditional heel more. But in a black satin Hangisi, the round heel might look cool!
  10. I guess I'm the oddball then :shrugs: Well, I really hope the shoes are NOT the 90mm, the ones at the store were 105mm so I'm hoping that's what I'll get.
  11. June, First congrats on the birth of Liev. Did you get the square heel then? I ordered the round heel, but I would take either. The square heel is very MANOLO, but then I'm seeing more shoes with the metal ring so they may be trending that direction.

    I'm still on the fence and have decided to take a look. I must confess though...the price in completely out of the realm of decent and I would feel a lot better if part of it went to breast cancer awareness or something more noble than obscene profits.
  12. I haven't received them yet so I don't know which ones they will be. They have shipped though so they should be here by middle of next week. The price is indeed obscene but one I put them on (first mistake!) I just coulnd't NOT get them :shame:
  13. In the movie SJP said they were $525.....too bad they don't really cost that much! Almost twice that.....bummer!!!
  14. The movie/TV price has never been the real price for any of the shoes.
  15. Well, they arrived and they are the flared heel with the square tap but they are the 105mm. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do. I just called the MB boutique in NYC and their 105mm are the straight heel with the round tap and metal. I might order one of those and then comepare, keep the one I like best and return the other one. Who knows.