Manolo Blahnik HANGISI owners and lovers, come in!

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  1. I recently just bought a Manolo Blahnik hangisi in flesh satin 6.5 but they are way too small on me. I have been looking to get a size 7 and tried selling on poshmark and mercari with no luck. I’m not sure if this is allowed but is there anyone who is willing to trade?

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  2. Anyone own the HANGISI mule flats? I am curious on the sizing. I am usually a 39.5 or 40 and ordered a 40.5 and was wondering if these shoes run small?
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  3. Hi Ladies,
    I just bought my first pair of Manolos in the Carolyne style. Just wondering, can someone confirm how many dust bags should come with the shoes? I received one in the box but I've seen unboxings of the Hangisis and it looks like two bags are included.
    Thanks for any help you can give! :smile:
  4. Where did you buy them? The hangisi and other jeweled shoes always come with two sleepers for obvious reasons.
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  5. I bought them from The Line, so I'm not worried they're fake but I can't really find reviews of other Manolo styles online. So I'm not sure whether it's customary for all styles to come with two dust bags or if that's applicable to only jeweled styles.
    Thanks for taking the time to respond!
  6. [​IMG]

    These came home with me yesterday ️ I purchased them from the Burlington Arcade boutique in London. I was walking past the boutique and saw the shoes in the window...and on sale
  7. Hello lovelies! I’d like some opinions please; what do you all think is a more practical choice-flats or heels? I am debating between the flats and a 90mm heel height (in satin) which I’ve finally found after searching for ages in the colour I would want. I have a pair of tweed flats so was thinking maybe the heels but for those of you that have both which do you reach for more often? My lifestyle is fairly casual but I have quite a few pairs of ‘dressy’ flats so that’s why I was thinking the heels but should I just stick to what I know works for me and get the flats instead? Annoyingly the colour I want comes in the heels but I’ve yet to find them in the flats... TIA
  8. Anyone have any thoughts on 90 vs 70 mm in terms of both comfort and aesthetics?
  9. Anyone own these flats? I’m in love with them ! (Picture not mine)

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  10. Thoughts on the Hangisi mule flats?

    Does anyone have them who can speak to their fit? I have wide feet — wondering if they’ll look silly hanging off the edges of the shoe!
  11. Just stumbled on these photos, Peony Lim recently got married and she wore the original blue hangisi with her white wedding dress. I never would have thought of this and really think it looks amazing! PeonyLim-ManoloBridal-28.jpg PeonyLim-ManoloBridal-24.jpg
  12. Goals! I would love to do this. More versatile to wear than white as well, for after the wedding :smile:
  13. Just got the new season Hangisi with the colourful buckle! I'm in love! 20190130_151018.jpg
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  14. IMG_4584.JPG

    Please excuse the PJs but I just picked these up and had to share! I’ve been looking for a true green pair for ages!
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  15. My hb asked me why did I buy the same shoes again:smile:
    Me: They are NOT the same!
    Spot the difference. Smh IMG-20190203-WA0001.jpg