Male in desperate need for some female purchase decision advice - please help me!!!

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Which 2 pairs would you want?

  1. Simple

  2. New Simple Corta

  3. YoYo

  4. Very Prive / NP

  5. Wallis

  6. other

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  1. Of those three listed I'd say the 100 mm Simple.

    You couldn't find any Very Prives whatsoever? Those are probably my favorite CL style. I have them in brown and black and black patent on pre-order.

    And I've got to say that you are the coolest boyfriend because not only do you buy her shoes but you actually know something about them too!
  2. Oh yes, I have to say that as well. My Bf is wonderful and kind (and I won't trade him to a newer model), but he does not care about shoes and dresses. He would get me things that I need or things that makes me comfortable, but it tortures him to see me walking in Louboutins. (Sometimes it also tortures me physically, but mentally I am goooood!:P)

    I am struggling to get some pairs of Louboutin myself and am getting sick of it (nothing luxurious about trying to find these shoes!!!:cursing::cursing::cursing:).
    Don't worry too much, I'm sure she will appreciate your efforts. It's hard enough to find two good pairs, that are in stock, in her size, and with a due date!

    Regarding the three simples, maybe not black. Too basic (it's not bad, but not special either, kwim?). Then it's up to you, whichever one you think will look better on her i guess.

    Good luck!
  3. Of the three you mention I would get the beige patent 85 mm simple. It is a totally functional shoe. It can be sexy with the right outfit but it can also be demure and classy.

    I inititally read your post to ask which of the shoes you mentioned would be a good second pair. I agree with you the nude Yoyos are a must. If you are not limiting yourself on a second pair I love the Very Prive. It is a quintessential CL shoe. I think any color/leather/skin in the VP would be great. I have black satin and I love them! They are surprisingly comfortable too. So if you can, go with a version of the VP. Otherwise I would choose the beige simple.
  4. Thanks so much for your advice. I'd just love to get the Very Prives for her as well as I think they are so hot, but I just can't find any patent leather ones neither at Neiman Marcus nor at Saks! :sad:
  5. My gf has just received her very first pair of the Simples - the black 100mm kid skin ones. I had ordered them at the time I started this threat, but they hadn't arrived yet and now I wake up and see this eMail from her:

    "Hey Boy...I got a pair of shoes today...and i LOVE THEM...I LOVE THEM A LOT! I haven't put them on but they are my favorite BY FAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. :smile:" I guess if I just can't get my Hands on a single pair of Very Prives in her size, I should probably go with another pair of simples...I'm kind of leaning towards the beige patent 85mm ones as lawchick advised me to get, too.
  6. i think any of the simples are a great idea. i recently bought myself 4 pairs (eek!) and i can't get enough. black patent is classic and she can wear them with anything, to anything. same with the beige patent. i like the chocolate brown too but i think it's more of a "i have tons and need a brown" sort of thing instead of "this is a fabulous shoe my boyfriend got me because he's fabulous"
  7. Saks Bal Harbour just got some metallic pewter VP's in. I posted a pic in the thread abt NM trunk show.:yes:
  8. NM have got pewter platforms (not VPs, platform's not concealed, but close) in a 38 - loving this colour, so flexible :love:

    or there's always the black glitter patent NPs - can be worn with anything, any time, any place...
  9. Thank all of you girls sooo, sooo very much for your advice and help. It was really of great help to me - thank you! :smile:

    I just got off with the SA from the Saks Store in San Francisco where I was able to get the Nude YoYo 110 as well as the 85mm Simple pump in patent beige/milk/off white. My girlfriend kind of new to 4" high-heels and she gets frustrated in her new Louboutins sometimes. She always wore lower kitten like heels before I brought Louboutin shoes to her attention. I keep telling her that she needs to be patient and that it will come with practice, even though that's only what I hear. I guess I can't really know what it feels like walking in those. But I'd think if you take it slow, it will come to you in due time - nothing you couldn't learn I think. Plus the shoes will also get more comfortable the more they get broken in.

    However this was one of the reason why I opted for the 85mm Simple pump which I thought might be good stepping stone towards the 100mm heels and then to the 110mm YoYo. And of course because she said the Simples were her favorite Louboutin shoe so far.

    But I'm curious, how do you adopt to high-heels like that anyway? Anyone been through the same coming from wearing low heels, to wanting to wear Louboutins with 4" high-heels and higher? Anything I can do to encourage and help her with that?

    I'll definitely post pics if as soon as they arrive! :smile: Maybe I can even get her to model them. I wonder if she'd be creeped out if she finds out about this thread, or if actually likes it! :smile:
  10. i don't think it's something you build up to, think you just have to do it! i've never worn really low heels like kitten heels or anything, i personally think they hurt more than high heels. 4" heels will be painful at first, i used to be practically crippled when i first started wearing them, but it just comes with practice. i don't think they'll ever be 100% comfortable though, i've been wearing them for years but the balls of my feet still ache after a night of dancing in a club. perseverance is the key! she should just try them out around the house- wear them for an hour, then the next time a bit longer etc etc until they're comfy. well as comfy as heels can be anyway!
  11. You are seriously AMAZING :tup:
  12. Thanks so much for the nice compliments from all of you! ...definitely makes me feel like a great boyfriend, which you can believe me I am really trying so hard to be! :smile:

    I never though high-heels like that would ever be as comfortable as Birkenstock, but I definitely think you can get used to them over time. They're certainly nothing I can imagine she could spend the whole day in - well maybe in the Simples as I read. But how much walking does a girl do in her shoes nowadays? ...probably the most when going shopping at the mall! :smile: Usually all one does is walk from one classroom or one office to the next every once in a while and for that why not wear something that is hot and makes you look good and probably boosts your self confidence big time knowing how attractive you are?!

    I guess going to a club and dancing is a different story, but there you can always sit down and take a break. ...Or as I read some girls have done in here as well, fight the pain with alcohol! ;)
  13. What we do for our shoes! You do not even need to try to be a good boyfriend, you are! If her feet start to hurt, just carry her!
  14. I love the shoes you ended up getting her. Those are perfect and timeless!

  15. Great advice cjy! I love it!! :tup:
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