Male in desperate need for some female purchase decision advice - please help me!!!

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Which 2 pairs would you want?

  1. Simple

  2. New Simple Corta

  3. YoYo

  4. Very Prive / NP

  5. Wallis

  6. other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey Ladies! :smile:

    After already writing a few of you private messages asking for some advice, I'm hoping to get more feedback by just making a whole threat about my issue. As you all know, has this special offer right now, where you get a $150 Gift Certificate for any 2 or more pair women's shoe purchase of $400 and more. So in order to take advantage of that, I decided to spoil my girlfriend. She's a gorgeous little red head with the most beautiful hazel eyes, light skin and loves red and earthy tones and like most people usually wears Jeans on an every day basis. If I recall correctly, her current Louboutin collection is as follows:

    Simple 100 in black kid skin size 38
    Patent Red Karey Decolletes in size 38.5
    Patent Red YoYo Zeppas in size 38
    Gold-Yellow Coquine in size 38
    Black Patent Miss Bunny in size 38
    Leopard Print Patent Miss Bunny w/ kit heel in size 38
    and one unidentified pair of some awesome black patent heels in size 38 which maybe one of you could help me identify, too! :smile:

    So as I said, I'm looking at purchasing 2 pairs of Louboutins. I was hoping to find something, she can wear on an every day basis. So I'd like to get something, that is comfortable, not too dressy and timeless - maybe also something for the summer already even though it's still pretty cold in Minnesota. I guess I should also mention, that she doesn't like too much toe cleavage, so the Declics wouldn't be something she'd like too much I'm afraid.

    One pair I have already kind of set my mind on are the 110 nude Yoyo's, but I'm just not sure when it comes to the second pair. I was thinking maybe a pair of wine red 85 YoYos, or some Simples, Wallis or New Simple Cortas which I are one of my personal favorites. Does anyone of you know if they maybe have the Simples or the New Simple Cortas in this wine red patent?

    Please don't be shy ladies, I appreciate every little bit of advice you can give...feel free to share any thoughts with me on this thread, I'd love to hear your opinions! :smile:

    Thank you so very much in advance! :smile:

  2. As she's already got a pair of Simples in her collection I would go for a pair of VPs + Yoyos :yes:

    I don't think that any CL collection is complete without a pair of VPs. They are classic shoes that will never date + the platform makes them really comfortable when broken in. I would also go for a pair of Yoyos - nude as you say, or maybe black/pewter greasepaint. I love these as they just look like plain patent until the light hits them just right and they sparkle :girlsigh:
  3. I agree with Chins4, definitely the VP for the second pair! From your list I also like the simples and the Wallis.
    As for the unidentified shoes, I might be wrong but they might be called Wherever.
    But yes, I vote VP (or NP) for the second pair.
  4. What color in the VP are you girls thinking? Wine red? Is that available with a wine red tip, too or would I have to get the golden one - that would make it a little bit too dressy in my opinion. I also saw that many of you vote for the Simples, what color in those are you thinking? ...don't be shy! :smile:
  5. Mine are balck patent with a burgundy tip - not too dressy but a little twist on plain black :graucho:

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  6. with the VP, I think there are three faves:
    1. black patent with burgundy tip (see Chins4's pic).
    2. nude patent, comes in nude or burgundy or gold tip.
    3. tortoise patent with gold tip.
    But really, it does not matter as long as it's VP. =p
    Depends on what colors your girlfriend like/ looking for.
    I am not aware about wine patent VP, but I am not an expert.
  7. The thing about the VP in black is, that those are available from iOffer for dirt cheap. So many people probably have gotten those and I'm pretty sure those are fakes. So with those it's kind of with Louis Vuiton purses, so many have them and you never know at first sight whether they're fake or not and I'm pretty sure the majority of those is fake. I really wonder if they have some patent wine red ones available even though she already has the YoYo Zeppa Slingback in red with a cork heel and plateau.

    What size would I have to get in the VP anyway? ...38? ...or 1/2 up?
  8. She has no nudes!

    She clearly needs a pair in the nude.
  9. Vp/np
  10. YoYo and VP!
  11. Thanks so much everyone! :smile: ...can you maybe also specifiy a color when you recommend a model? :smile:
  12. Also what size would I need if I should go with the Very Prive? Would 38 - her Simple size - be fine, or should I go 1/2 size up? Any other recommendations?
  13. TaishasMan-

    My votes
    VP and Wallis

    VP: It looks like she only has one pair of peep-toe and it's a sling, so a great 'something-a-little-different' addition would be a peep-toe w/ closed back.
    Wallis: The Wallis is a more difficult to find and if you can get your hands on this as a surprise for her, it would be the ultimate spoil... :love:

    Good luck w/ your CL scavenger hunt! ;)
  14. I think 38 or 38.5 would be okay. Depends on width. Even though my feet tend to be on the wider side I go with my simple size because I hate having room in the heel. If the 38.5 was too loose in the heel she can add heel grips.

    My recommendations (and I'll vote in the poll) are the nude Yoyos 110, which is your first choice and the Wallis. I chose that based on what you said about her preference (not too much toe cleavage) and something classic and can be worn everyday with jeans or dressed up. The thing is the Wallis is/was available at the boutiques in black, nude and red, not Saks, so your $150 would not work.
  15. Since you want to take advantage of the Saks offer, I would concur that the yoyo's and a vp would be a good choice. I would suggest you call the NYC store since they seem to have the best selection, many items that are not on the website like the vp. There is a thread on good SA's, but use Ryan in NYC. Good luck!
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