Male in desperate need for some female purchase decision advice - please help me!!!

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Which 2 pairs would you want?

  1. Simple

  2. New Simple Corta

  3. YoYo

  4. Very Prive / NP

  5. Wallis

  6. other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I think you did really well with your purchases Taishasman. :tup:

    I don't really have any advice about shoes. I've been wearing heels for as long as I can remember so I'm used to walking in them but they do still hurt. I think practice is the key. And when your girlfriend is ready for some higher heels, trust me the Very Prive is surprisingly comfortable because of the hidden platform.

  2. haha taking a break is the worst thing you can do! if i'm in my heels for the night, i have to stay standing, i find it more painful if i sit down for a while and then get back up again lol. i can probably handle dancing in 4 inches for around 3 hours but after that they start to hurt.
  3. Okay, thanx for the advice! ...I'll try keeping her on the dancefloor then! :smile: 3 hours is plenty. The clubs in Minnesota close really early anyway! :smile:
  4. Great choices! Were you able to get them to apply the promotion or no?

    You are such an amazing b/f. I hope she appreciates this! Can't wait to see pics of the purchases!
  5. Wow, that was such a good decision to opt for a second pair of Simples for her...she tells me all the time how much she loves her black kid skin simples that arrived in the mail a few days ago. Now she wants to get rid of her black patent whereever pump though since likes the simple style so much better. I guess I can use eBay to somehow trade those in against a pair of black patent New Simple Corta pumps for her! :smile:
  6. I got a $150 gift certificate, but only for buying those 2 pairs. It's really too bad, they didn't have those 2 shoes online, so I could've gotten two $150 gift certificates. Oh well...still a pretty good deal...hopefully those New Simple Cortas in black patent will be available soon so I can cash in those $150! :smile: Maybe there's even another one of those EGC events soon.

    Thanks so much for the compliment Asha! :smile: ...I can only hope she appreciates it. Well I'm pretty sure she does, probably not us much as you Louboutin addicts do, but I think deep down she enjoys getting spoiled like this! :smile:
  7. I think you just have to practice with the higher heels and you'll eventually get it. Louboutins are far more easier to walk around for hours on end then Aldo, Nine West and some of the other brands. I don't know why but every time I wear my Aldo pumps (similar to the yoyo zeppa) I'm crippled after wearing them for a couple of hours but the same thing doesn't happened when I wear similar height CLs. :confused1:
  8. I agree with tie-a-ribbon about not taking a break. For me it's ok to sit down but I better not even think about taking my shoes off because when I put them back on it feels like the balls of my feet are on fire and being stuck with needles. OUCH!!!
  9. Congrats on being a great boyfriend! LOL
    I tend to feel like 4 inches are relatively comfy I can wear them for 8 hour stretches now However I just go rolando, roalnde, and glitter NP, and python privitata all of which are 4 inches or more!
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