Male in desperate need for some female purchase decision advice - please help me!!!

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Which 2 pairs would you want?

  1. Simple

  2. New Simple Corta

  3. YoYo

  4. Very Prive / NP

  5. Wallis

  6. other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. How do you girls like this pair of Very Prive? I even think she'll love the gold tip:
    Besides these, I'll definitely get the Wallis in black for her one of these weeks - I really like those myself!
  2. All of these suggestions are good, but if you are planning on buying the CLs from then you need to limit your choices to what is available at Saks. I am not sure what the Saks stores have in stock, but I checked Saks online and this is what I found that might work for your girlfriend. Also, if you don't find anything you like on the website, then you might want to call a Saks store directly and order via the phone since the $150 gift card applies in the store also. Also, you do not have to buy 2 pairs of shoes to get the $150 gift card. I called the customer service # and they said that you just need to spend $400 to qualify. GOOD LUCK!!!!

    Here is what I found on the Saks website......

    CL No Drive Slingbacks $740 both 38 and 38.5 are in stock.
    CL En Passant Pumps $780 size 38 is in stock

    Eventa Mary Jane in Red - size 37.5 and 38 are in stock

    Pewter New Simple - make sure you order something that is in stock, because your CC must be charges to get the $150 gift card.
    Oh My Round-Toe Slingbacks $540 OR Hai Sling $520 Both styles have 38 are in stock
  3. Where did you find the red patent VP? Are they at Saks?
  4. Hey Lynn!

    Thanks so much. I know the customer service line online told me, too that I only had to spend $400 to qualify which I think would be more than fair, too. However I called Saks in Vegas and talked to a Lori G. and she told me the opposite, that I actually would have to purchase 2 I don't know... I definitely want the YoYo's, but now I really like those patent dark red Very Prives as well. You were right by the way, I googled those and througha few links I ended up on the website...of course those aren't available to order on there, but I'm thinking to place my order through the phone at some store anyway and maybe they can get these for me along with the nude 110 YoYo's which seem to be a must have. If you like those Very Prives in the picture, saks item number for those is 0452581354681.
  5. Those red VP's are gorgeous. I think that the nude yoyo and the red VP are great choices. Good luck. If only my husband could buy me shoes....
  6. Wow, I need a BF like that! LOL! I'm gonna show this to my BF and hope he might change his mind on my shoes collection but then again, he doesn't know anything! :lol: I would go with Prives and SP! I really love the Simples!
  7. I don't think she needs another Black or Red. She clearly needs a Nude.

    My first 2 choices of shoes would be VP/NP and YoYo. The colors would depend on what Saks has. The VP, I'd say get

    or these:

    Or in lieu of NP/VP, get these in Beige:

    Maybe for the YoYos you can either get her the Nude or something in GreasePaint. Since you like the Beige, get it, and they can be used as for "fun" shoes.

    The Wine Patent VP you posted will be hard to find.
  8. Well let me just say you both sound like living dolls!! Every woman deserves a wonderful man to appreciate her and she has found hers!! From all the women here...we love you!
    Ok, I am fair with green eyes and redish hair and I think she needs a pair of nudes as well! The yoyo's are so beautiful! I also think she needs a pair of VP's, very comfy. She is so lucky and you are so sweet!!
  9. Very Prive/NP, Nude Yoyo's and Wallis.
  10. Bad news girls...I talked to several Saks stores and none could get the Very Prives in any patent color for me! :sad: My favorite Very Prive is still the burgundy one of which I posted a picture since I think it goes great with her hair and jeans. However my second favorite would be the black patent with the burgundy tip. Anyone of you know about some more enthusiastic SA's at Saks?

    Also they told me if I only took the nude 110 YoYos I wouldn't get the $150 gift certificate as I'd have to purchase 2 pairs. However, some Ladies here have already gotten the $150 for only one pair and the customer service hotline from the website also told me that SA's could theoretically get me the $150 for just one as long as it exceeds $400 and the Very Prive alone would already be double the $400. :sad:
  11. Thanks want more for your advice! I certainly do like the Very Prive very much, however the ones you adviced me to get don't look like something she would wear! :sad: I really would just like the classic ones in a nice patent color that looks good with anything. Or of course, I'm always open for other ideas! :smile:
  12. Patent VP's in any color are very hard to find as is and especially at Saks. None of the Saks I know carry any patent VP's at the moment. I know they just got in some metallic colors like gold and silver in the VP. The wallis mary jane is also a great shoe but again I've never seen that at Saks, only in the boutiques and I believe they are sold out.
  13. Then just get the YoYo 110 in Nude and another YoYo in GreasePaint.
  14. Hmmm...I don't really wanna purchase a second pair of YoYo's, 'cause I'm really not a big fan of the sculpted heel and you know how uncomfy they can get, so I don't wanna take the chance on purchasing 2 pairs of not very comfortable shoes for her. I'm still mad, that some girls can get the $150 with the purchase of just one pair and other can't! Even the online customer service is telling me that they could do it online, but when it comes to the stores it would be up to them and I guess if you don't know them personally they tend not to give you the deal. Nobody here knows their SA well enough that they'd get the offer on just one pair?!?
  15. Okay, since Saks doesn't really have to seem the greatest selection in the world anymore...I'm pretty much left to choose between these 3 as the second pair...
    100mm Simple in chocolate
    85mm Simple in patent beige
    85mm Simple in patent black
    ...what do you ladies think?
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