Mahina or Diamonds?

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  1. OK, so I worked a TON of overtime and I want to buy myself a gift for being such a diligent worker. LOL! I work OT so I can justify my purchases to the finace. So anyway, I LOVE my biscuit Mahina, but I am paranoid about it getting dirty, so I want one in Noir now too. BUT, I also want diamond studs or a new diamond band. What should I do? I considered getting a preowned Mahina and smaller studs. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Huh, this is a hard one. Jewels will last for a lifetime, two bags of the same style... I´d tend go for the Jewels. What about CZ Studs and a preowned Mahina? So you can have both.
  3. Go for the Diamonds!!!!
  4. hmmm. My grandmother suggested that I get good CZs. She has gorgeous Diamoniques that you could never tell aren't real and they are set in 14k. She doesn't wear real anymore in case they get lost. That might be a good option!
  5. get real diamond studs. ^^ cubic zirconias are tacky.
  6. bag!
  7. Gab, I kinda feel that way too. I like having the REAL thing. And diamond is my birthstone, so I am particularly fond of having real diamonds. Such a hard decision.
  8. Oh please don't get fake diamonds. Without knowing how much you have to spend, can you do a reasonable size earring and one bag?
  9. You have a Mahina so I would get good diamonds, I think. Don't get CZs!
  10. I don´t think they are tacky. As my Mom is a jeweler and owns two shops I can promise you only an expert can tell the difference between those two. Mom has a really big diamond ring with 3 carat (and some smaller too) but tends to wear CZ more often because she is afraid of losing it.
  11. I've seen some GREAT CZs.

    But, I'm ultra-paranoid about losing real diamond earrings, so I say "Go Mahina!!!!!"
  12. Bag if you have diamoonds already.
  13. I'm no expert & I can definitely tell the difference. I hate fake things. Why carry a real louis vuitton & wear fake earrings??
  14. I feel you on the getting them lost thing I have one and only pair of Diamond earrings from my last bday from Mr heychar and i'm too scared to wear them! so on that note Mahina would get my vote!
  15. good point