Mahina or Diamonds?

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  1. The black mahina is too simple for me when compare to the biscuit Mahina you already have. I would get diamonds this time! ;)
  2. I say go for the Mahina. You can always get diamonds down the line.. and keep hunting for a good price. Mahina's price will increase so go for it now!
  3. Don´t forget that there are HUGE differences in the Quality of CZ as they are in Quality of Diamonds. And I don´t think that you should think about a CZ as a fake Diamond as you should think of a fake LV. Fakes are illegal, CZs not. I can understand your point of view and we discussed this topic in our business some time ago and my Stepfather (who has been a publicly appointed and sworn expert on Diamonds and Jewels) told me that there are really good CZ so you can only tell the Difference thru measurement of thermal conductivity or refraction. Of course they are not as cheap as "common" CZ but not as expensive as Diamonds.
  4. Get your Mahina. I dont know how big a diamond stud or band you are looking for, but has them at reasonable prices.
  5. I would not get the diamond studs - I did this and literally lost one the next day....and to think I could of bought a purse!
  6. Diamonds are birth stone too and I have a beautiful pair of studs. They are classic and I wear them every day...except for special events...when I want to wear something else.

    Get the REAL diamonds...and wait on the bag. I can't get behind fake anything...
  7. Diamonds! and a pre-owned Mahina Noir!
  8. Get insurance if you are worried about losing a stud.
  9. I have diamond stud earrings and would never lose them because the type of backing they have.....make sure they are screw if you do decide to go the diamond earring route try considering screw back type so you will not lose them due to a loose slipping a blouse/sweater over your head and losing them...
  10. Get the diamonds!
  11. Mahina
  12. Always Diamonds First and then a preowned mahina would be a perfect balance IMO!
  13. diamond!!!!
  14. diamond since you already have one Mahina.
  15. Definitely real diamonds and if they are not a screwback, to prevent them falling out, with my expensive earings, I put 2 backs on the earing instead of one, that way if one falls off, there is another to keep the earing in place.