Mahina or Diamonds?

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  1. Diamonds.
  2. Definitely diamonds!
  3. Mahina is my fav bag but since you have one I vote diamonds!
  4. My vote is for diamonds. Jewlery lasts forever.. Purses get outdated and old.
  5. Diamonds! That's my next buy too...instead of another bag!
  6. I love my Noir Mahina, it's a must have in my opinion... diamonds will always be around, you can get them next month, or next year....whenever. I'd grab the Mahina before the next price rise. Noir and Biscuit have a totally different look.

    Let us know what you decide! :smile:
  7. #52 Jul 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2009
    it's a tough one...
    but I would say... diamonds...
  8. Im a bag LOVER. This past year I went on a serious jewelry binge. Major one. LOL. I would say get the diamonds. You can get a great deal on studs. You can wear them every day. I sometimes wear mine in my second holes and then big hoops. I love jewelry. LOL. A great pair of diamond studs can last forever. You can upgrade after a few years.
  9. ITA. get the diamonds
  10. Get whichever you are most excited about. Everybody values different things, so what is right for one person isn't necessarily right for you. I heart my CZ's and rhinestones and other assorted "fake" jewelry, I love it just as much as if it were "real." What is the definition of "real" anyway? It's all jewelry, it's just that someone arbitrarily decided diamonds and gold are "real" but cz and other metal is "fake." I don't want to wear the same pair of studs over and over anyway. So for me I would either get the purse if I really wanted it or buy something else I really wanted or I would just save the money. I think if you have to ask which you should buy it's a sign to wait a bit and really think about what you want. You will know when you really, really want something, and then you will have the saved money to buy it!
  11. Gold is an alternative currency and does increase in value overtime.

    I dunno about diamonds, I think supply is artificially cut off. Diamonds are abundant in nature since they are just carbon.
  12. Gotta love diamonds!
  13. Go for diamonds!!...
  14. Diamonds for sure!!!
  15. Diamonds!