Mahina or Diamonds?

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  1. Diamoniques studs are really good. If your going to go down the cz road.
  2. I had the same dilemma a couple of months ago. I ended up with the diamond ring and was so happy that I bought it. I was going to get a Le Fab, but to be honest, diamonds are a girl's best friend.
  3. My vote goes to the diamonds ;)
  4. Tough decision! I'd probably go with diamond earrings! I have the kind with the screw back and you will not lose them!

    If it's between a diamond band & a Mahina, I'd go with the bag! Your fiancé will be buying you a diamond band eventually!
  5. Diamonds! I may be a bit biased considering were I come from, but it's always a great investement. And you already have a Mahina!
  6. Get the diamond studs -- you'll wear them everyday and love them. I also suggest the screw-on backs -- no worry about losing them!
  7. Diamonds!!! since you have a mahina already and diamonds will last forever :smile:
  8. One or the other.

    but not CZs (cubic zirconium is a real stone - it's just not diamond) or (I don't have to say this do I?) NOT diamonique or whatever.

    Which ever thing you wanted longest and then save up for the other;)
  9. Diamonds of course. Those last forever and a day.
  10. Diamonds!
  11. Diamonds
  12. I adore my real .75 carat earrings, wear them every single day..... but, you can't really compare jewels and LV, I've been trying to justify that too... I have a 4 ct tanzanite that I'd like to design a setting for, but keep getting pulled to LV. My next big purchase is the setting for the tanzanite.... good luck.. if you're ready for diamonds, get them. If not, go mahina!
  13. Yes! This is what I have and they work, I sleep and live in them 24 hrs a day, and I just don't do that with my LV, haha
  14. I'd go for diamonds. Agree about having two of the same LV. Enjoy whatever you decide, you worked hard for it. I think cost per wear, the diamonds would work out to be the better investment - I'd wear them everday!
  15. DIAMONDS! I'm saving up for my own studs right luck on your decision :smile: