LV Mini Palm Springs Backpack

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  1. That happened to me! What did you do?
  2. It happens!

    take it to the store, have them assess it and i’m sure they will repair it for you!
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  3. they gave me full refund
  4. I wanted to report back on my cracked canvas issue. My bag was starting to crack in multiple places on the canvas where it covers the zipper. LV repair deemed the bag defective. Now I am on the waitlist for another PSM to come in #3 on the waitlist. My other option is an exchange for another bag in stock. They said they would not issue a credit note.

    I am glad they took care of me. They also said manufacturing has fixed the issue. Not sure if that is the case. Now waiting for my replacement to come in.
  5. Really missing this piece as I returned it yesterday. But with so many issues I don’t want to find out!
  6. She didn’t repair it, so I returned it. Just crazy as I love that backpack and I wanted something carefree but it had so many issues!
  7. did she atleast offer you a new bag?
  8. I can understand. I contemplated whether I should get something else or not but ultimately decided to give it another shot. It’s one of my most favorite bags.
  9. Did you experience issues?

    And to answer the other question...I didn’t get offered a new bag. I figured I can always repurchase it
  10. I recently turned in my PSM because the canvas starting to crack along the zipper lip. I also had the fraying issue with the four black leather loops in the back.
  11. I saw someone post on IG a rumor about the PSM possibly being discontinued. No idea if that is true. Has anyone heard about this rumor?
  12. Makes you sad, doesn’t it? But i figured I could use the money towards another bag with less issues :/
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  13. What would you do?

    I received a psm from a designer handbag consignment shop that is pretty reputable in Texas. When I got the bag I went ahead and checked with Pro Authenticators about the bag. They said the bag is authentic but the care card and dustbag are not. They said this happens when someone has both a fake and authentic in their possession. For peace of mind I am also getting it looked at by ******************. Is it likely someone would sell a real bag and fake accessories to this store? Should I just return the bag and look for another?
  14. I was lucky enough to snag a PSM in reverse mono online after a bit of stalking. Picked it up from my boutique today and when I got home I noticed the metal hardware wasn't the same shade of gold. The d rings in back were a slightly different tone compared to the zippers, but most noticeably the two clasps for the longer straps are completely different shades of gold. I know where was an issue with mismatched hardware with the speedys, but has anyone ever had this problem with their PSM?
  15. Just got this as a anniversary present and it’s still really hard to come by. Mine is made in France with the black nylon lining. I read here that some are black cloth lining? Just wonder why the lining is different.

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