LV Mini Palm Springs Backpack

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  1. Picked up my PSM today. It’s so cute! Black nylon lining and made in USA. Hoping and praying that I won’t have any problems.

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  2. i actually think i wanna cry. after having this bag lost in transit for a few weeks, it finally turned up. i picked up on the 2nd of august and been using it on and off since. today, i was just looking and admiring the bag to only notice that the lip of the bag is riddled with zipper imprints. it looks like during production someone clamped the **** out of the zipper to the lip leaving deep imprints into the canvas. i'm just upset because i can't believe it, it's a brand-new bag.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Hey guys

    After lurking for months admiring everyone's bags, I FINAAALLY got one. However, can't tell if the misalignment is normal? Front and back are okay but the sides.. any advice would be much appreciate .

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  4. Same here I glanced at the pictures with the bags side by side but couldn’t pick up discernible differences. Go with whichever one feels best to you!
  5. Mine looks just like yours.
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  6. Normal
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  7. Received my PSM yesterday, and noticed quite a lot of slight misalignments on the canvas. However, they’re growing on me and I think they’re kind of cute and I wouldn’t have noticed them if I don’t go through this thread! Anyway, is this acceptable for most you?
    CF68FB54-D54C-4FDE-896C-3A83F8D53AB6.jpeg 84203428-F39E-41E8-A503-952A345F0D07.jpeg
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    Hi there, I want to purchase this bag from an online store. Cant help to find it anywhere else, does this look authentic to you girls? Loveee much

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  9. You need to take this post in the authentication thread. GL!
  10. Hi all, i just got my PSM today! Of course it was the only one in store. Came home and noticed the ‘Louis Vuitton’ tag on the front is not completely flush and horizontal.

    Should i just ignore and enjoy it?


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  11. If I were you I would ignore it. Save yourself some hassle. My mini palm springs has little deviation from the sides too. But as a guy I don't even worry about these things. Honestly, the MPS is miniscule people won't even notice your tag. Enjoy your bag!
  12. There's an authentication page here. I love that reverse print though!

  13. Thank you so much for the validation! Love the bag it is so cute.
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