LV Mini Palm Springs Backpack

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  1. The Nylon lining is from back when the PSM first came out. They changed it to a fabric lining, I'm not sure of the date but I was surprised to see it in my reverse because it was well after the change. Maybe they kept that lining in the reverse? Not sure. My PM & MM have the fabric lining just like my new mini.
  2. Interesting. Thanks for informing me. I think I'd prefer my nylon lining over cloth.
  3. i’ve wanted the mini palm spring for over a year now, but as of late i find myself loving the pm because it seems more practical. Can anyone help me decide?? i’m so scared to pull the trigger since they’re going for $2700 and up on second hand shops now! i want to be sure!! pls
  4. I love both my psm reverse and pm. My psm was made in 2017 with nylon lining which I love. One of the reasons I went with the reverse due to many issues I encountered with the mono. Knock on wood so far no big issues. I will be super sad if it shows defects. So far the only wear is on the leather tabs. For my PM, love using it when I need more space. However ever since owning the psm, I learned to downsize a lot. I cant fill up my bigger bags anymore.:smile:
  5. I am sad. My beloved PSM has developed multiple cracks on the canvas near the zipper. I’ve had my PSM for over two years. It’s my all time most fav LV bag. I’ve had the four back leather tabs replaced due to fraying last year.

    I took the bag to LV, and they said they will need to send the bag to repair to see what can be done to fix it. I thought there was nothing LV can do if the canvas is cracked so not sure why they are going this route? Regardless, the bag is off and I am waiting to hear back.

    Has anyone experienced this and what was your outcome?

    First pick shows the cracked canvas in multiple spots and the second pic shows the cracks starting to form.

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  6. Since the bag is made of a few canvas pieces stitched together theu will be able to replace? I wish you luck! Keep as posted.
  7. They should credit you for that. It is a known issue because of how hard the zipper is. I had one tiny spot of peeling on my PM and they took it no questions. I'm sure the outcome will be they can't repair it and they will offer you replace or credit.
  8. This would make me so sad! I hope they offer you a replacement/credit. Let us know what they say!
  9. That’s an interesting thought. I will post the outcome when I hear back. Thanks.
  10. So sorry to hear that it happened to your PM. You are confirming what I have been told in the past about canvas. I was surprised that they were going to try and repair. I will wait and see what they come back with.
  11. Will update for sure. Thanks.
  12. my psm mono is in limbo.. was supposed to be at the store thursday. friday came nothing, called cs and they said customs. so i reached out to my sa at my home location, looked into it and apparently its not customs its an issue with within ups. monday is here and nothing and if tomorrow comes with no arrival, my store is going to start an investigation

    lol how exciting
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    Hi all!

    I bought these from the boutique the other day and was wondering which one looks better.

    The left one’s color is a lot duller and muted ( a bit more orangey/brown) and the R is more vibrant and the monogram is a bit more yellow. You kinda have to stare at it for awhile to see LOL.

    Also, the L tab is more textured so you can’t really see the LV logo and the R tab is a lot smoother. The alignment for the L is better than the right but the R one isn’t too bad.

    Both made in Spain. I went to the shop and there were about 10 in stock and all were made in Spain

    Opinions please! Thank you :smile:
    C58AEF93-D00B-4459-B00E-6F654D8E9022.jpeg AE54D81C-19AA-4258-A8C8-EB7DB289D0CD.jpeg 381D3AB4-8701-4F59-9F1D-F9D1F12F28E5.jpeg

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  14. I'm going to be honest, this feels like a Highlights spot the difference photo and I can't find anything to circle. They both look fine, so just go with your gut.
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  15. Hi, which store is that if you don’t mind me asking? It’s never in store when I ask!
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