LV Mini Palm Springs Backpack

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  1. Yeah, had mine for about 2 months and the canvas all started peeling along the top. Was gutted as I loved the bag but the quality was shocking. In the end and after a long fight with the boutique I returned it and got my money back. My advice if it’s showing issues already
    Is to take it back. It would appear that some of these bags have been made badly and some are ok. It’s just your luck which you get but if it’s fraying after a week it’s not a good sign.
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  2. That’s crazy, they didn’t want to return it? It’s funny I had three bags offered to me that week, but one already had some fraying on the black leather tab. This is some peeling at the leather where the d ring connects.
  3. Yeah it was an unpleasant situation to say the least, they claimed it was wear and tear! Only through being very persistent did they agree to take pictures and send them to France but that’s because I point blank refused to back down. France came back saying it was a known defect and I had the option of taking another psm or getting my money back. Even though it’s been my favourite bag ever I chose to take my money back as I was so upset with the customer service.
  4. Hello all, I was lucky enough to be offered this PS mini after 6 months of asking at my local store. (I'm from the UK so unfortunately it's never available online).

    Unfortunately, the aligment is a bit off, especially the first fleur. The middle is also a bit off. The tab is also a bit crooked as you can see. Please ladies, let me know if I'm over reacting? What would you do? It's just that I've waited so long and the chances of me finding another one is very very slim.

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  5. If you're unhappy with it, no amount of convincing on our part would make you happy. If it bothers you it is best to return as it's your bag.
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  6. tbh this looks good to me for the most part, i'd be content
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  7. I can see the misalignment (im good at it lol) BUT one will not "see" it anymore after some use. Since it's your bag it's best to ask yourself if you can unsee it or even best being oblivious to it when wearing it. It's an expensive purchase so nett nett you should like to ask yourself if you'll be happy owning this particular piece.
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  8. Anyone had wearing on the d ring tabs? My girlfriend had a similar issue but not sure if it’ll get worse...the glazing starts to lift a little?

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  9. Forgot to mention I only had it for a week...
  10. yes the glazing will lift, even after one use (had it happen to my defective bag). if it gets worse, just take it into LV, its a simple repair
  11. Did it happen to your newer bag? What was defective about it?
  12. mines was defective from something else lol. print was peeling. tbh, its nothing to stress about, its simple
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    OK thanks to my overthinking and stalking I was able to grab a Mono PSM. Now, I am unsure if I should keep and sell my Reverse or keep my reverse and return the Mono. Making it more difficult is my reverse is MIF, has the nylon lining and has great alignment with smooth zipper, leather parts are all still good. No issues and I've had it at least a year & a half. The new Mono has great alignment, smooth zipper ,MIU (but this doesn't bother me at all). leather parts look good. Like this would have been easier if it had come with a I've just been thinking lately that the mono would be more "classic". But what if the new one starts with issues after i sell my reverse? LOL I'm a mess. First world BS for sure but what would you do?

  14. lol im in the same boat. i have my reverse and ordered the mono. but im selling my reverse and keeping the mono. i just find the reverse a little too high maintenance for my liking!
  15. I'm no help because I own the reverse and love it. I've had none of the color transfer issues people talk about, but I guess I should knock on wood. I was curious about your "nylon lining" comment. I have never looked at another PSM than the two I've owned and both had nylon lining. Do the mono PSMs come with a different lining/the new models have a new lining? I'm just curious.

    Good luck with your decision!
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