LV Agenda...worth the price compared to others?

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  1. I am wondering if you all think the agenda is worth the relatively hefty price tag. I love Louis Vuitton handbags (I have 5 handbags and 2 wallets) but I am wondering if I can justify spending so much on an agenda. They are beautiful and I especially love the monogram. I have been using the Kate Spade patent leather agenda for a few years, for reference. Has anyone else used the two and can attest to the pros/cons of the two?

    Appreciate any thoughts!
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  2. Good question... I am looking at buying the Louis Vuitton PM Agenda and worry about the ring binding system. I have the Hermes Visions II Agenda in Orange leather and I love it because there is no binder rings to worry about, it has a metal rod that slips through the metal bound rings in the filler refills calendar. I still want the LV though, and would like to know if it's actually worth the price and it's durability.
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  3. I still have the one pictured in my profile and it looks good as new. I also have a monogram GM, a desk agenda and a pre-loved damier MM. They will definitely last, I don't baby mine, except for the white one shown which I always carried in the dustbag if throwing it in my bag. If you don't get it heat stamped you can pretty much sell it for what you paid for if you decide you don't want to keep it. They sell pretty quickly in the Facebook groups. The LV inserts I don't love, if you look on Esty there are heaps of more practical inserts you can get.
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  4. I love my LV monogram PM agenda and have been using the same one since 2008, so it is a good investment for me. Back then, I purchased the limited edition from the special exhibition featuring Murakami and LV in LA Geffen Museum for $500 + tax.
    Over the years, the ring binder is definitely becoming an issue. It can't hold the vast volume of inserts that I purchased from LV as years went by. Now I need to thin the inserts into the dairy only before inserting them into the agenda so that the ring binder will close properly. But I don't really need those extra note pages, phone book, foldout calendar, and map, etc. in the pack. The issue only comes up after about 10 years of continued use and I can bear with it.
    Also, the price of the refillable inserts has been increasing, from about $26 about 11 years ago to $86 in year 2019, but the design is lovely and it comes with stickers, bookmarks, world map and time zones...
    Here is a picture IMG_8388.JPG of my agenda
  5. Secondhand information, but I have a few friends and acquaintances that absolutely love theirs. If you love the mono, it makes total sense.

    For me the mono was too brand-loud for my current workplace, so I got a Hermes Ulysse one.
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  6. Cool and Thanks !
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    Thanks, and that's why I purchased the Hermes Vision II agenda in Orange, and the Hermes Ulysse GM large notebook in Orange as well...only if you know, then you know kind of thing. It cost way more than LV, and no binder ring system to worry about. The fillers cost way too much in Hermes too. I now want the LV, and probably get it once things calms down and the LV opens back up.
  8. I love my LV agenda GM! It’s a great item you get to use daily. Also, if the rings break, LV can replace them easily.
  9. My agenda GM in monogram, I use it everyday and for me it was worth every penny I paid for it!

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  10. I have both the PM (in leather) and MM (in mono canvas) and love them both for different reasons. I bought both of them pre-loved off eBay and paid a fraction of the price of what they cost new, with each item looking brand new. I purchased the MM almost 7 years ago and have used it everyday. It still looks as good as when I bought it. I would say the LV agendas are worth it, but would only recommend going secondhand. Given that most don't have vachetta, you can easily clean them up with baby wipes (I even used lysol wipes - bad I know!) and they turned out great. **Pro-tip. If you are concerned about buying second hand, what I have done with both of these items is purchased them from a seller that offers returns. I then take the item in to an LV store to get hot stamped as part of my authentication process. LV will not hot stamp fakes. This allowed me to put my personal touch on a 'used' item while confirming its authenticity. Hope this helps...
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  11. I got the pocket agenda back in December. I was comparing it to the monogram
    Pm which I really loved but the small rings I really didn’t think was going to work because it really couldn’t hold what I wanted to and I felt that I needed the year out not a couple months out. Hope This helps!

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  12. Groovy and Thanks !
  13. Those inserts look beautiful. Are they from Louis Vuitton?
  14. I had the Kate Spade zipper agenda for few years and loved it. I love the zip around design so I can put bunch of stickers and pens in the agenda. I wanted the LV MM for over a year and finally got it for Christmas. I sold the Kate Spade one and moved into the LV agenda right away. I’ve been carrying it with my everyday and love it. To compare them, I think the KS is heavier due to the leather and zipper and maybe the extra pens I was carrying, the LV agenda is lightweight but I can’t just throw a bunch info receipt or stickers and zip it up. You can get those clear zipper pouch and put it in the LV tho if you want. The other thing I want to say is that I’ve seen some old LV agendas on eBay, some of them have inks from the ring on the inside canvas, so I am worried if I should do anything to protect from that. I think both KS and LV are good agendas that will last, just depends on what fits your budget and taste.
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  15. Oops posted twice