Louis Vuitton MultiPochette aka Scam Bag

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  1. Fingers crossed! I hate hearing that people are repeatedly receiving bags with scratches and marks on them. ☹️
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  2. Does this bag even exist anymore?!
    I feel like it’s NEVER available online.
    But they restock so much and so often on any other monogram piece.
    Even the Pochette Metis is available several times a day now.
    But never have I ever seen the multi Pochette :sad:
  3. It’s available for purchase several times per day. I suggest you follow the stalking thread closely and ensure you’re signed into your LV acct or select PayPal to expedite the checkout process. These items go fast. https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/what-are-you-stalking-today.980729/page-1635
  4. Really? :eek:

    I have never ever seen it atb..
    And trust me... I’m stalking! Some days hardcore!!! :lol:

    I’m looking at the German/European stock though.
    Are you in the US? Maybe that makes a difference.

    But I hope you’re right and it will eventually pop up!
  5. Oh, yeah that makes a difference. There’s a different stalking thread for Europe. You will have to search for it. Also, try installing a browser refresh app so you don’t have to keep refreshing. You have to pay attention because when the place in cart pops up, the item goes fast.
  6. After nearly three months of stalking I was able to get one. It felt like one would pop up and someone would get it right away. Then a it was available for a while the other day and I was able to score - so was my friend who had been searching, too! Don't give up! Miracles do happen!!
  7. It was online on the German site, too. A friend of mine scored one a few days ago. Bleib dran!
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  8. Does anyone know the previous price of the bag before the price increase in March in CAD? Can someone confirm whether it was $2100 CAD or $2130 CAD? Thanks so much!
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    Sorry confused my notifications
  10. I'm 80% sure it was $2,100.
  11. I purchased mine on Feb 5 and it was $2130 plus tax!
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  12. Oops, I stand corrected!

    Either way, that's quite a big jump, from $2,130 to $2,300. You lucked out getting one earlier!
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  13. Mine arrived today. I ordered the Kaki and Rose Clair.

    Rose Clair. Each item comes in its own dust bag and inside one dust bag. Appears to be a return: dust bags are crumpled, booklet floating outside on its own. Coin pouch looks crumpled. But I love it, nothing to complain about but worth noting.

    Kaki. All items come in one dust bag, nicely nestled together. So strange the difference in dust bags!

    I am leaning towards keeping Kaki. I like that the LV name is more subdued. But I also love the pink! Will be making a decision by Friday. But here’s a theft-proof photo of Kaki ...

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  14. Thanks so much for you reference!!

    Btw, can anyone help me locate the date stamp for the bigger pochette accessoire? I can’t seem to find it :sad:
  15. Thanks for your confirmation!!