Louis Vuitton MultiPochette aka Scam Bag

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  1. I no longer see it on the US LV website.
  2. Thanks @EmmJay !! I have been loving this forum! Happy that it is being continued! :yahoo:
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  3. I'm seeing the blue extra strap on the Swedish website but no multi pochette yet. I dont even want it but somehow I'm caught up in the frenzy...
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  4. The bag has been removed from the US website.
  5. Still showing up for me.

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  6. If you search for the bag it’s there.

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  7. @katandkay Funny, you showed the pink strap and I the green. :biggrin:

    (Still can’t quote)
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  9. Just multi pochette and the picture shows up. I click on the picture
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  10. It now costs £120 more (£50 previously) compared to buying each item separately. Is it still worth it hmm.
  11. I clicked on "new this season" and women....scrolled down and the MP shows up for me. By the way..thank you @EmmJay for all your help with this fun little bag. You are always so helpful with all LV info and kind. Between you and @Johnpauliegal I love scrolling through to see how helpful you both are ALL the time. You might have encouraged me once or twice to purchase something I just didn't realize I needed. :smile:
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  12. Someone in the original thread asked to see photos of the denim RCP on a bag. I’ve only taken one photo but I’ll try it on other bags in the next few days. I don’t remember who asked, but here you go:

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  13. I second this!! :tup:
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