Louis Vuitton MultiPochette aka Scam Bag

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  1. Thank you dear one! He’s done more modeling, but asked me not to post all at once :P It’s fun to play when so much time is spent at home. Hope you are well! I re-look at your MP in Hawaii making the rounds and it makes me happy:love:
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  2. Hi friends! I just have a few questions if anyone could help.

    I just received my bag today and everything is perfect, except the yellow stitching on the front is sticking out. Is this going to cause an issue later on? I’ve never had stitching like this one before.

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  3. Thank you so much - he is also in the neutral family so he can carry off more colors than me! This pink MP has been one of my go to bags this winter. Love all the options for wearing, and with a chain strap and vachetta turned in it is even a great bag for snow days. Though since it’s now officially spring out comes the pink strap again!
  4. Mine looked very similar to yours - on both large and mini bags (you can see my pics on page 95 of this thread). I returned it and reordered another this week. I probably would’ve kept mine, but I had more stitching problems on my bag and canvas was also kind of damaged. I’ve noticed that this seems to be a common thing with this bag if it’s Made In USA.
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  5. Yea mine was made in USA. I’m in a dilemma because I had ordered one initially for in store collection and had to return it. So I technically can’t order it again. I’m thinking about just bringing it in once all the dust settles and everyone’s safer. I don’t want to be too nit picky, but there nothing else of issue with the bag so I might just keep it. Thank you !
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  6. That’s exactly what mine looks like and no problems at all. I’ve been using it since November 2 last year without a problem. HTH
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  7. Thank you !!! I’ll keep this is mind ☺️
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  8. #1448 Mar 22, 2020
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    Hi everyone, I just got my Multi-Pochette today from a reseller and the date code is SD 0220 made in USA. It means the bag was made on the second week of 2020 in the USA. I'm wondering if anyone's bags have this date code also? Thank you.
    And the bag came with only 3 dust bag. The dust bag of the Round Coin Purse looks quite different than the one I saw on Youtube. I have attached the picture of the RCP's dust bag below. I am so stressed right now. Can anyone confirm please? Thank you so much.

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  9. Because stores are closed, there’s been plenty of inventory for this bag on the LV website. LV makes no guarantee that each item for this bag will come with a dust bag. Several TPF users have reported receiving this bag with varying quantities of dust bags. Also, just because you watched a video on YouTube does not mean that you watched a video of an authentic LV. The MP is highly coveted and there are so many replicas and super fakes.
    If this bag is causing you stress, then request a return from the reseller and purchase from the LV website.
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  10. I never thought in a National Emergency where people are dying by the thousands we would be so focused on stitching. Maybe we can bring ourselves back down to earth for a few weeks perhaps?
  11. Folks are allowed to distract themselves as they see fit. That includes questioning wonky stitching. Not the right time to judge anyone.
  12. I never thought in a National Emergency where people are dying by the thousands that you would be so focused on judging.
  13. This blog is supposed to be insightful and more entertainment. No one is discounting what is going on in the world. But can’t we have a few minutes of not having to think about it? Complain about wonky stitching, talk about ugly designs, long for the items that you can’t find. Unfortunately, sometime shortly after, we will all be brought back to reality. So enjoy this moment of not thinking about current events...
  14. Yes, tpf is meant to be a safe space for connecting, enjoying, kvetching about little imperfections and our love of handbags and slg’s and and and. We all need breaks and distractions from the very real horror that is this worldwide pandemic. It affects everyone without distinction. And it is totally uncertain for how long and in what way. Uncertainty makes us anxious.

    Many here work on the frontlines, dedicating themselves to treatment and care. Many here work in other industries or areas that are essential to functioning in the crisis. Many here work in groceries, or veterinarians, or other places from which there is little break from worry and fear about so much and lots of contact with others.

    I don’t know about everyone here, but I read so much online news and I continue to work from home, that I simply must get away for awhile every day, or I’m useless to self and other. I’m lucky to shelter in place with a husband and a much loved dog, but I also need some lightness and some connection to my “life before”. Handbags, wallets, and other such things grabbed me at 5 years old and didn’t let go. And I’m glad. Handbags represent so many things to most of us on tpf. And that’s just fine! Enjoying them for me is a fun part of life, and continents be so even if they are mostly in the house now.

    Most of us are only too aware of the world and likely know people who are sick or might be sick ourselves. We are likely volunteering or donating and doing other practical things to help. If obsessing on stitching or the new collection or anything else helps for a bit, why not?!!! Mental health is also important right now, as isolation constantly isn’t good for humans as we are social beings. I choose this forum for one of my virtual forms of connection. I’m so glad so many of you are here and continue to share. Thank you!!! Now back to this regularly scheduled MP thread - thanks EmmJay for starting it all those months ago. This is another photo of Dave modeling the rose version. :heart: I never tire of seeing this bag, though Dave has started asking to not model so much :P

  15. This forum is an escape...personally, it is my anxiety that compels me to hyper focus on things that are really of no importance and for some reason, LV appeals to my perfectionist side. I relate to those who inspect for flaws...intellectually, I know that it doesn’t matter - but when other things feel out of whack, the beauty and feel of LV and it’s branding have calmed me.
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