Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  1. I have been stalking the website for the nano speedy and I've seen the option place in cart 4 times and every time I press it it says item is out of stock..am I just too slow or is it another glitch
  2. Totally the same with me.
    I keep „drifting“ to reading the news and then I get so frustrated and switch back to TPF... It is absolutely my „safe place“ at the moment!

    So maybe this is the right place to say: Thank you! To all of you who keep posting and keep sharing their passion for a seemingly „trivial“ subject. You are helping me (and a few or maybe even a lot of others) cope - and I think that is not trivial at all in times like these.
  3. FYI I just got on the LV website and PA was available in mono!! In addition, the mini palm springs and the mono pochette metis is availabe too. Get it while it's hot. Unfortunately, the speedy nano was still showing that its not available :sad:
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  4. For the nano speedy, you have to literally stalk the website all day every day. I stalked the website for almost 2 weeks and i kept refreshing and refreshing till around 4am i saw the place in cart and i got it.
  5. At the moment i am currently stalking the mini pochette, key pouch, and card holder
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  6. Right now, the Nano Speedy is availabe on the LV website. I just scored one.... but we'll see how GUILTY I feel when it arrives, due to this economic morass we're entering....
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  7. Omg, I just scored a nano speedy too today! It looked like it was in stock for about an hour. I was so excited for about 10 mins then started feeling guilty for the same reason
  8. Today I received from LV a big UPS envelope. There was a sample of new parfume and keys from a bag. But where is the bag? :lol:

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  9. Oh I hear you! I have been lusting after the Bumbag and saw a pre-loved one for an amazing price a week ago. I finally pulled the trigger but I feel like guilt will set in. It stinks because i had been planning it but I also wasn't planning for the stick market to tank like it is. Ugh!
  10. Wait, did you order a bag but it was missing?? Or were the keys and perfume sample a surprise?
  11. So I ordered a Rosalie Coin Purse and received a Neverfull GM!!! The receipt even says coin purse! WTH!

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  12. Lol....so careless of them..what a deal for you!
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  13. I already called to report it. With everything going on I don’t want anyone to get in trouble.
  14. Wow! What are you going to do??
  15. I called and reported it and they have to open an investigation which can take $14 days. What is there to investigate? Just send my coin purse and I’ll send this back.