Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  1. How long did it take you to get your hands on the nano speedy?
  2. I don’t have one. I was up in the air about it because it’s super cute but I have multiple “mini” bags :smile: and the strap doesn’t detach
  3. Ooo ok, which other mini bags do you have? Are they also from LV?
  4. My collection is in the showcase section page 83 of the forum :smile:
  5. short few months, not too bad
  6. Hi, i have a question. I purchased a Speedy 25 B Damier Ebene last month. When I went to my friend later that week who has a Neverfull Damier Ebene my canvas looked slightly different. Its just a different tone or something. My bag is 100% real and hers is too, should I go back with my bag or is this just normal? never had this before with one of my bags!

    Thank you,
  7. Normal. There are variations in color between different rolls of canvas.
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  8. So i have been literally stalking the website for the nano speedy and once i refreshed the page it said "in stock call for availability". I immediately called client services and they said it was a glitch??!!! I really had my hopes up. :sad:
  9. I’m interested in maybe getting a preloved Manhattan GM to use for my work bag.
    Is this still a style people carry? I know it was ~hot stuff~ back in the day.
    Do those of you who have had one like it?
  10. Hello everyone..So as you all know.. I have been stalking the nano speedy on the LV website for the past week and sometimes when i refresh the page it says the item is in stock and call for availability...does that mean someone already placed it in their cart within seconds?....because i have seen it in stock about 7 times and never the option to place in cart. so i was wondering..when it says in stock..is it in stock in the warehouse? because every time i call client services they say there is none in stock within all countries...please advise..
  11. It’s a glitch
    Some got lucky by calling their CA and getting put on a waitlist.
  12. I see, because every single time i refresh the page it says in stock and then i refresh it and it says out of stock. i keep thinking how am i always missing the place in cart option. :confused1:. i hope it gets in stock soon. im constantly on the website and calling client services. one time when i called they said they had one in boston but then they said they couldnt find it in store.
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  13. I feel like the only thing distracting my thoughts from what going on around the world is TPF! I can look at handbags to calm my anxiety..Anyone else feel the same way?
  14. Same. Watching YouTube videos also.
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  15. Same here ...