Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  1. I feel bad for the person who ordered the Neverfull and received a coin purse!
    How did such a mix up happen... did they not check the slips against what was actually packed in the box?!
  2. I do too and I feel bad for the person that made the mistake in packaging. With everything going on in the world I don’t want anyone getting in trouble for something that could easily be fixed.
  3. IMO It's safer what you did by reporting it directly. They would eventually come around looking for that misplaced stock. I had a Luisaviaroma order once with same kind of mixup, wrong item sent. They sent the Fedex guy (who had delivered that specific package) back to find it a week and a half later. It was still in my pile of unopened boxes so it went back in the state that it came. I'm guessing by the way they did it that they have to deal with different levels of liability too...

    Hope you find a resolution to this and receive your item soon:smile:
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    I am wondering how a box with coin purse (small box) could be mixed with a box with Neverfull GM (large box)...But I understand that things happen and we live difficult times which make a huge impact on our focus.
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  5. I’m guessing they had both receipts and both boxes and just mixed those up. Just guessing! It was crazy to open a NF GM though. Lol
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  6. B19E6F04-8BB7-46CC-92D8-0BBC3D923498.jpeg

    These flats caught my eye in store a month ago...didn’t try them on but wish I had because I’m still thinking of them and was considering ordering online but my size is now sold out...trying to tell myself it wasn’t meant to be!
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  7. I am not sure if this will be helpful for you to hear the same also from PF member, but I will give it a try: It was not meant to be! :smile: Helpful? :smile:
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  9. Hah, it is! Literally had them in my cart yesterday but didn’t complete the transaction and went on today and my size was gone. The shoe gods have other plans for me...
  10. I can’t seem to find the “new” rules as to limits on purchases.
  11. Hi! It’s here under purchase limitations https://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/legal-notice
    Because shopping with LV is limited to online purchases, LV is not enforcing this policy, which is apparent with your multiple orders of the Escale NF. Lol
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  12. Thank you my dear.
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