Lisa Eldridge Rings

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I got my LE Eva ring Today, in oval and silver and I absolutely love it! I just wanted to say that mine has the 925, made in London, the year and the initials of LE as hallmarks. This could be because it is a silver ring instead of gold or because they had customers mentioning it and they now stamp the rings. I also wanted to point out that price wise, people should take into account the jewellery box and the puff as well as the source of the stone. I can clearly see why the rings cost what they cost. It is all very well explained by Lisa herself in the youtube video where she introduced the rings. If anyone wants pictures of the Eva in silver let me know but I have to say, it looks like on the website.
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  2. Isabella vs. Elizabeth:
    you could message "Nicola" to show you pictures of available rings and loose stones.
    The Elizabeth is really dark. Even in the brightest light it only has a sheer blue/violet shimmer.
    The video of Elle's Elizabeth is pretty accurate.
    The Isabella is quite dark, but you clearly see that it's red. In Lisas video shes wearing one. But maybe you can pick your ring/stone.

    I'm currently waiting for the shop to reply, it's been weeks since I heard from them....I will post a picture of my Elizabeth ring as soon as I get it. :smile:
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  3. Fab, thank you:heart:! I know best thing to do is to go to the source but it’s just so much fun looking at real unfiltered people (or rather hands) wearing those rings :biggrin: A glimpse into what your ring will be like when you wear it, I can’t resist requesting photos here on tpf! :smile:
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  4. Congrats! I have been thinking of getting The Eva in oval. Would you mind posting a picture (hopefully in daylight?).
  5. I finally received my Elizabeth!
    First I got a very dark (beautiful) stone, but exchanged it for a lighter shade so you can see more blue reflections.
    My mother opted for a Sophie. The stone is glowing like it had a little fire inside!

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  6. Gorgeous! That pink stone is unreal! Wow!
  7. Beauties!!
  8. Wow! They are both so beautiful, congrats to you both!
  9. Absolutely Stunning!
  10. I was wondering because I saw that you guys mentioned one can choose between rose gold and white gold and platinum! Indeed I checked the site and say they offer this now. Has anyone seen pictures of these combos?
  11. Take a look on Instagram, I've seen a rose gold Anderson on there and there may be others by now.
  12. Does someone own a cushion Meena in gold? I haven't seen any pictures yet. I'm trying to figure out if it would look good with the Elizabeth oval. :smile:
  13. Some LE drama :crybaby:
  14. Mine was loose too. I didn’t post about it becauSe it happened at a hectic time. I would hear clicky sounds if I shook it, but it didn’t fall out of the setting. I sent it in and it came back fixed. Turnaround was less than 2 weeks or so.

    Send It back and it should come back as good as new.