Lisa Eldridge Rings

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  1. Hi all,
    so Lisa Eldridge has recently released her Ring Collection.
    I was wondering if someone has bought one or has some pictures wearing them?
    Also, what are your thoughts on them?
    I'm thinking about purchasing one and need some more details :smile:
  2. I've been thinking about purchasing one as well! I'm sad that the ring I want is currently sold out, and I am eagerly waiting for them to be restocked.

    Here is a Youtube review by the vlogger Elle Florence that you might find helpful: .
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    At first I thought: “well, pretty but way overpriced collection of glass beads set in silver/gold. She CAN sell that just because she’s a celebrity now... anyway reminds me of Baccarat and Pomellato rings.” But then I read a bit about Lisa’s idea behind her collection and I liked what I found out. All the rings are cute and I love the fact they look like candy :smile: I’m beginning to think I really NEED one lol
    If you’re in London, they are being sold at Dover Street Market...
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  4. Thank you for the replies! I'm not based in the UK or any country where it's sold in a store unfortunately...I found a few pictures online, but not many. I was just somehow expecting more posts about it and reviews.
    I think I'm going for an oval ring. First I thought they might be too small, but the above shared yt video and a recently added picture of Kate Winslet wearing a cushion cut (which seemed really big ) made me consider an oval one might work for me. If I only knew which colour... I like the Kate, but I'm not a fan of silver jewelry. So it's gonna be the Isabella or the Elizabeth... :smile:
  5. Went to the Dover St Market today and tried on the cushion cut rings in silver and gold. They didn’t have the ovals though I’m told the gem is significantly smaller. So, the ring is beautiful irl and cushion cut substantial size. I have big hands and the gems were big but not as big as in standard cocktail rings. Defo stackable. I couldn’t take a photo because I was in a hurry but what you can see on Instagram or YouTube is close to reality.
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  6. I know a resale value isn’t sometimes what people care about. However I doubt very much whether you would get even a 10th of what you paid for them...she is popular on YouTube and is a well known MA but her name isn’t enough to demand a good resell value. Her original rings were made by William Welstead who she is now collaborating with for this collection. The stones aren’t particularly valuable but the rings are so pricey, £1500 for the Isabella (garnet’ and the Elizabeth( Iolite quartz) some of the prices go up to £5000 ... I appreciate the story of where they are made .. but that’s not enough for me to think that are value for money .. but having said that it of course is totally your choice
  7. the prices for tourmaline and emerald are pretty accurate though. if you compare it to brands like marie-hélène de taillac and william welstead etc.
    the other ones i'm not sure. but natural stones are more expensive and the price for gold is high. but the resell value of rings isn't that great i guess. my mother's diamonds rings for example would never get the price they once were bought for.
    but still. it's def not cheap.
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  8. Don’t know if OP is still interested in this topic but just wanted to share that I’m now a proud owner of silver meena ring :smile: it’s coming in a few days and I’ll post it here.
    As to the resale value...I was told by SA at Dover Street Market, who also stocks William Welstead, that in his opinion WW should not be collaborating on similar rings to the ones he makes for at least twice the price. Reason being that the value and uniqueness of his rings is undermined. Personally I don’t agree and think that LE’s rings are actually more desirable because of WW’s esteem. I think LE’s jewellery has potential to hold its value.
    I’m happy that I can own a beautiful ring for less than if it was made and sold by WW under his brand.
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  9. AD5CC461-FAFE-4DB0-8C3E-D570A97DC6D1.jpeg
    As promised The Meena in silver. What a lovely ring and goes so perfect with my summer tan
    I definitely want more now! :giggle:
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  10. @B4gl4dy, thx so much for the pic! It's always good to see "real" pics instead of the glossy promo pics. :biggrin:

    I want those rings more, now... missed the last restock and waiting for the next one!
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  11. I am a huge fan of Lisa's new rings. But the price point she has is not for everyone. Specially for me. found an exact match on ETSY for a little affordable price. I ordered and was blown away by the quality.
    I love my Lavender quartz similar to The Betty one.

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  12. C0B375C2-6EBA-4F4B-9862-48A3344966B5.jpeg
    The Grace cushion cut for comparison...
    (I can’t seem to stop buying them and next batch coming up in October!:wtf:)
  13. @B4gl4dy, wow, that's pretty! I haven't been looking at the square ones at all, but now I am seriously tempted. That color is very nice. Usually am not a fan of topaz, but that one, it's really nice icy blue. She's right, very Grace Kelly-esque! I am liking these old cuts more and more.

    @Emanuella, yes, I've been eyeing Urban Carats too. I'm still saving all my pennies for a Lisa Eldridge one, but I must say that Lavender quartz you picked truly looks very true to Lisa's. It's a great looking ring!
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  14. omg, i couldn't get my hands on one yet. they look gorgeous! the topas just isn't my colour, but the meena is stunning. restock is in ocotber?! i'm still deliberating which one to get. i recently purchased a smaller emerald chain ring. so maybe red, yellow or even the dark blue which mesmerizes me...thank you for the pictures! you're so lucky you could grab two
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  15. I thought I'd post my experience with Lisa Eldridge Rings in case it's useful to you.

    I purchased the Anderson oval recently and was giving it a clean when I noticed some small scratches under the surface of the stone. I was horrified and panicked (they weren't there when I bought the ring!) so I contacted Lisa's team. They send a courier service to collect it, had their master jeweller inspect it, and fixed the problem, returning the ring within a week. Turns out it wasn't a scratch but fibres trapped underneath the ring: embarrassing, but they were SO helpful and delightful to deal with and reassured me I'd done nothing wrong.

    So there you go--amazing service! Considering this in the context of the debate as to whether these rings represent value for money, this is worth something to me. She may be selling primarily online but she is doing everything she can to make this a luxury purchase experience: she covers all global taxes and shipping, takes bespoke commissions, and provides excellent aftercare. The packaging is special and unique. All part of the brand experience.

    I also think that quality and finish is very, very high. 18 carat gold, a fine bezel set that lets in lots of light, perfect stone with rich colour consistent with the online pictures. This is what was most important to me tbh as I'm very picky about jewellery. I'm not really fussed about the box, though I think it's beautiful.

    If you want an affordable alternative, Urban Carats will get you 90% there. But if you're very particular about jewellery and those tiny details are important to you, I think these rings are beautifully executed and you won't be disappointed.

    Hope that helps!