Lisa Eldridge Rings

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  1. Oh, interesting. So maybe LE rings are not widely popular, everybody recognises “Cartier” but not everybody knows who LE is and what she does, same goes for William Welstead. Where was it on sale?
  2. What?!? I totally would have considered that... where was it on for sale?
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  4. I would jump the hell onto some cushion cut studs.
  5. whoa, now i see i have to look at ebay once in a while. and yes, excited to see what else will come from the collection in spring!
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    The Kate stone actually looks better in natural light!:smile:
  7. Anyone stanning the new Kate cushion cut in gold?

    I think it’s a lovely combo.

    If you want a more affordable alternative to this, I’ve spotted a very pretty option on ebay. It’s rose cut. Lisa doesn’t use this cut but Welstead does; it strikes me as very much in the spirit of their collections. Not in my size unfortunately or I would have snapped it up:

    Mappin & Webb are a very reputable British jeweller so I expect the quality will be solid, and I think the seller may be open to offers.

    This is my good deed of the day ;)
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  8. The retail price is 1260 GB pounds which currently equates to @ $1600. So, yes it is only slightly less but the “make an offer” button is there and I have had surprisingly good luck at times with those so you just never know. In addition, the seller is in the US, so there are no additional import fees which I always seem to incur anytime my purchases are over $800. Anyway, it isn’t my auction and I only posted it in case someone was looking for one on the preowned market.
  9. I received my ring back today. I ordered a US 5.5 and when it came, it was 5.75. I thought I could live with it but it spun so much. Today, I received it back again and it was perfect at 5.5.

    Just wanted to share the sparkle in various lighting.
    7B8DBE24-F9BE-4D98-96FB-2928190426B3.jpeg 8556E578-AB53-48EB-ADC6-C2FC8A198AF5.jpeg C647150D-9A46-41D2-99BF-354E23BF21CD.jpeg
  10. So first of all you guys I have a question, what happens if someone wants to just return the their purchase, like do they take it back and resell it? I wouldn't like to get a ring that someone else wore and then returned. Just saying.
    Second of all I ordered a ring and am not sure about the size- I mean I am a 5.5 ring finger and 6.5 middle finger, now that I saw your post I am scared that it won't fit and it will be too large. I ordered a UK size M.
  11. Also, did anyone see photos of the Anderson or the Issabella? -
  12. I think they will check if the ring is immaculate before reselling it. On your middle finger a size M should fit perfectly then, but they do offer a free resizing.
    The Anderson is in this thread, the Isabella was in LE's new video! It seemed quite dark, brownish.
  13. Dear LE rings’ fans :smile:
    I’m considering getting either Isabella or Elizabeth ring oval in yg...I’m not sure at all which one should I choose and it doesn’t help that my choices are so different (warm vs cold tone). What are your opinions on the two, have you seen them irl, could you share photos?
    Many thx