Lisa Eldridge Rings

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  1. Man! Good thing you didn’t lose it!
  2. that wouldve been horrible!!!
  3. I thought the same! What if?
    Luckily it happened in my car and I managed to spot the gem flying out of the setting. I did not bang on anything, only moved my hand rapidly pulling a charging cable and whoosh! There goes my topaz! So bizarre. I’m hoping this was just an unfortunate one-off. LE customer service is cooperating and willing to fix the ring :smile:
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  4. Hi there! New member & first post. I was just looking up the "meena" ring by Lisa Eldrige on google to see reviews or pictures taken of it by people who purchased it and I came across this. Could you please tell me which stone this is? is this the Meena ring? if not, how different do you reckon this is from that? I cant seem to decide between that and "the betty"
  5. yes, it's the Meena.
    Are you gravitating to the oval or cushion cut?
  6. Lisa commented on her Instagram that she'll be launching a more affordable, smaller stone range of rings on her website in September. It looks like she's wearing a selection them in her most recent video about Audrey Hepburn's lipstick.

    It's hard to tell from the video, but it looks like she's wearing 4 of them, but 2 stone shapes. A cushion, and what looks like an an oval with pointed ends (like an eye shape). Again, it's difficult to tell. Perfect for stacking. Which means I'll be tempted to buy many of them...
  7. yes, I saw that, too! In the Audrey video she wears some of the smaller ones :smile:
  8. A quick picture of my two babies -- the Josephine and Isabella. Definitely my most extravagant jewelry purchase to date, but I had to have them.

  9. Hi All,
    I'm really interested in buying the Eva oval and was wondering if someone could post a picture? I am also having a tough time with picking the right size. I bought a ring sizer and it says that I am a certain size, but I don't know if I can be certain. I hate loose rings, but I also don't want to order something too small that it would look bad if it were to be stretched. I don't have a lot of experiences with rings.
  10. are you kidding me?! omg how gorgeous! i also considered the isabella, this is the first good picture i see! i don't own the eva, sorry :sad:. i think you can order and if you're not happy with the size, exchange it. returning was really easy.
  11. Thank you! I'm in love. I know I've heard people worry about how dark the Isabella looks, but it's a really gorgeous, rich red in most lights. Lots of little red and berry flashes. You can find more Isabella photos (other than the press photos) on Instagram under #lisaeldridgerings. That tag singlehandedly feeds my addiction. :loveeyes:
  12. Hi All!

    I've emailed into her website a couple times to get on a waitlist or reserve but haven't gotten any reply! Is that typical from her customer service team not to reply? Am wondering if I just need to stalk the website to eventually get one.
  13. I think that customer service is having trouble keeping up with the volume due to the recent lipstick launch. There were a few comments on Reddit regarding a lack of response from Lisa's team.
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  14. May I ask if you can share more photos of the Isabella? This is the only photo that I can really see her closed up... I can’t make up my mind between this and the Anderson.
  15. I am so excited - received my Meena cushion cut in gold and it is so stunning in real life! I had ordered a similar citrine ring off an Etsy seller before but there is absolutely no comparison with the quality of the LE ring!!!

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