Lisa Eldridge Rings

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  1. @citrine21, what a gorgeous ring! I looooove that glow.

    Yes, I also recently ordered a ring off of etsy... I already have 2 rings from Lisa but thought, well, maybe I should try to save money. Actually, I'm pleased with the quality of it... I think it gets you about 75% there. But there's no comparison when it comes to the construction of the ring and the quality of the stone.
  2. Ladies, my birthday is practically around the corner and of course....I'd like to treat me with another ring!

    I wear them a lot.

    I own the Meena cushion and the Elizabeth oval.
    I'm interested in the Isabella or the Anderson...or the Grace.

    Oval or cushion I don't know yet.

    Please, if anyone owns them, I would really appreciate some wearing pictures! :smile:
  3. I'm new to this thread, and I appreciate all of the information and pictures everyone has posted! I recently bought an oval cut Meena--I reached out to the shop via the website and ended up corresponding with Olivia, who tells me the launch of the newer, lower-priced rings is imminent but couldn't share specifics like actual date, price point, etc. I found this photo on LE's Instagram. Does anyone know if the new line will be like the smaller rings pictured in this photo? I hope so!

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  4. I think on the picture with the Audrey Hepburn lipstick you can see the new ones.
    Also in some videos.

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  5. Thanks!
  6. So I indulged and got myself a Betty cushion ring in silver. I must say I am impressed once again. I was expecting some opaqueness since a lot of photos I see on Instagram and elsewhere seemed to show a “milky” look, but in person it’s very transparent.

    And I don’t know if it’s because I chose silver instead of gold this time, but it’s definitely more lavender then peachy pink. Which I really like. Because it’s a cushion, it’s definitely bigger in presence than the two ovals I have. It had a very nice glow, I’m quite taken with it!

    The picture was taken in a sunny room but not directly in sunlight, there’s no filter on it. It does not capture what it looks like in real life, but it’s the best I could do with my limited abilities. ;)

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  7. Wow, your ring is so gorgeous! Congratulations!

    I really appreciate the post, photo and description, since I decided to purchase the Kate in the same cut and shape JUST this morning. Because I also v. recently bought an oval Meena in gold, AND the new rings are supposed to be launching very soon, I was having second thoughts about the Kate. But your photo has convinced me the cushion cut is worth it. Thanks, and enjoy!
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  8. Oh my goodness that ring is so gorgeous. I thought I could take this one off my list of rings to spare my poor budget until you shared this picture. In many of the photos, the betty just does not look as pigmented but milky. Thanks for sharing!
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    Just ordered my first ring after months of trawling through this thread trying ot help me decide! Finally settled on a cushion cut Grace, I'm soo excited to get it after saving up for so long!
  10. please, please, please post photos! I've been thinking of getting the grace in cushion as well. Someone else posted a gorgeous photo on here, but I love seeing photos from multiple to cross check to get a sense of what it's like in different lighting.
  11. Definitely I will! It's been so useful seeing other people's photos posted on here and on instagram
  12. Agree with others, please post a photo when you're able! I have purchased three (gulp) LE rings in the last couple of months. Thanks to this thread, I think I've made better decisions than if I was just going by official photos. Here's my Kate, which is probably my 3rd favorite of the rings. The stone is lovely and the cushion setting is so pretty and elegant, but the band seems thinner than my gold Meena and Isabella rings. It's probably only visible to me, but I notice it--it feels different on my finger, if that makes sense. eldridgekate.jpg
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    Sooo my Grace arrived and I couldn't be happier with my choice! It's like a little chunk of blue tinted ice set in silver. Here's some pictures in different lighting (inside by window, lamplight, outdoor in light and outdoor in shade), if there's any other pictures that would be of use to anyone I'll happily post them! It also came in a lavender box (which I think the Grace rings nearly always do). Also pleased to report the stone seems firmly set with no rattling which I was a little concerned about after seeing someone else had a problem with this ring

    What really sets this ring aside for me from it's Etsy counterparts is the cut of the stone, which is not something I've seen replicated in any of the cushion-cut dupes. Instead of a sort of even diamond shape that goes across the whole stone, the top of the LE ring is flat with a much more intricate cut surrounding it which catches the light incredibly. After months and months of saving I'm sooo happy!!
    IMG_4412.jpg IMG_4366.JPG IMG_4367.jpg IMG_4376.jpg IMG_4378.jpg
  14. Congrats, looks lovely on your hand! Thanks for sharing the photos, too.
  15. You guys are making me want the Kate and the Grace in cushion. Must stop looking. :smile:
    They look really lovely you guys, thanks so much for the pix!
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