Lisa Eldridge Rings

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  1. Elle Florence just bought a cushion cut Elizabeth and reviewed it on YouTube

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  2. I’m sure Elizabeth ring is stunning irl but looks so dark on this video, almost black. Also, some LE rings seem to be available online and I’m tempted again... :lol:
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  3. ordered.
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  4. Hahaha good for you! :tup: The Elizabeth is growing on me too...:panic::biggrin:
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  5. I wish the line would have some medium or dark pink stones in the Meena price range. That other pink tourmaline one is wayyy too expensive.

    Plus, perhaps 18k WG or Rose Gold settings too. I’m not a fan of sterling silver at these prices.
  6. I am also tempted by the Elizabeth! Thx for the video, that was cool.

    @missD, I believe you can contact Nicola and you can get just about anything in 18k WG or Rose Gold. I know there were a few people who ordered the Prasiolite ring in yellow gold, and I remember someone had an Anderson in Rose Gold. (All of these were on instagram.) I also recall some people ordering some of the earrings in white gold too. I think it's possible.

    I'm hearing through the grapevine that in "Spring" she's coming out with smaller stoned rings and also smaller earrings.

  7. Thanks for the intel!!!
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  8. Is anybody else wondering why LE rings are not on the resale market yet? I saw some of her lipsticks being sold for blown up prices on ebay but never any rings anywhere...
  9. As I watched elle florence's video I saw a lot of rude comments about how the rings were vastly overpriced. But as the ladies of this thread already pointed out, you don't find that quality, size, cut and setting (aka wide and flat) anywhere. People think that sellers on Amazon or etsy offer basically the same thing. But although there are pretty things to find there, it's very hard to replicate. Maybe everyone who purchased a ring was so happy with it that they didn't want to sell it. But I guess it would have provided a good profit to buy a ring from the first batch and resell it at a higher price :biggrin: (of course only theoretically)
  10. Valid point. It’s quite possible people just love their rings so much and didn’t get bored with them yet hehe. The gems are cut beautifully and sparkle like crazy that combined with precious yellow gold is irresistible!
    I am interested why there’s no pre-loved LE rings out there because although I love buying new stuff i am not squeamish about pre-owned (it’s better for the planet y’all! :angel:) and if I saw LE ring for less than the original price I would most likely be getting it.
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  11. Her lipsticks are being resold on ebay?!? Holy cow, I had no idea. I grabbed a few before they were gone, and I must say, they are very interesting. She could have sold those at Tom Ford prices, like $55 or more and they would have been worth it. The packaging alone was superb.

    But back to rings... yeah, I think people who say they are overpriced must not be as picky as me! If you want to just go for a similar "feel", yes, there's plenty out there that will get you 75% there. Like many have tried (including me!), even though her rings look simple, if you want to replicate it, it's quite hard. You'll find quite a few old cut diamonds out there, but not that many gemstones. Well, to each their own.

    I wonder if the resell market will only take off once she discontinues her jewelry line? Or maybe discontinues a portion of it. That seems to be the way it works with Tiffany jewelry or even purses. Once a design is no longer produced, it seems like ebay takes off.
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  12. So my ring caught my mother's attention ;). she's been looking at all the rings on the website and really likes the Romy. But i never saw any wearing pictures of that ominous ring ever. does anybody know something about it or knows if there are any wearing pictures?
    i guess maybe in a year or so some preloved rings will emerge when there's new stuff on the market :smile:
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  13. I have not seen any of the Romy. I'm on Instagram - I actually don't post at all, but I do like to follow different people and retailers, because sometimes you see sales announcements! One of the things I follow is #lisaeldridgerings, so I see quite a few pop up. I haven't seen the Romy yet.

    I was curious about it once you mentioned it, so I re-watched Lisa's video announcing the rings... I'm not super sure, but she might be wearing it on her right ring finger (so our left). She's wearing two pinks, and one of them is a hot pink and the other is sort of a blush pink. I've paused it right around 4:55 and one can take a decent look at them.
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  14. IMG_1270.PNG IMG_1274.PNG yes i think the "rose pink" must be the romy! thanks!
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  15. Someone actually offered their cushion cut Betty in a blink and you’ll miss it “Black Friday sale”! It was only up for a day or two. The seller claimed it was an “impulse buy”. They were asking for £300, and it didn’t sell.
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