Lettre Kelly love or hate?

  1. Looks like Rose Extreme to me.
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  2. Thank you for sharing the intel! RT is yummy!
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  3. :loveeyes: The interior color sounds very promising for this bag!
  4. I just did a special order for a letter R. (Bleu Sapphire, Brique and some other blue.). I liked the geometric shapes of that letter.
  5. I apologize if this has already been answered and I missed the response, but the interior is bleu electrique. The outside is vert cypress in epsom, malachite in clemence, and blue obscur in sombrero. I have the SKU :smile:

    As an aside, I can’t seem to locate a date stamp on mine....

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  6. Oops! Not sure why my photo attachment is “locked”— IMG_2799.jpg
  7. I love the interior lining and contrast stitching, and the pop of BE under the clochette “skirt” makes me smile, too.


    P.S. I seriously can’t locate the date stamp — my insurance carrier requires the date stamp info (I guess they treat it like a serial number) for my itemized schedule so would someone kindly PM me? I feel like a complete dummy ... I looked where post2016 date stamps are supposed to be but alas! I’m stupefied.
  8. My date/craftsman stamp is on the inside near the strap loops
  9. I think I may need reading glasses (insert sad face) because today, out of the blue, I looked again in broad daylight and ta-da! there it was. Thank you for replying; I feel a little crazy now.
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  10. I love that your zipper tab is green! Very special!
  11. I didn’t expect to become a lettre Kelly lover but the color combinations I’ve seen are really quite stunning!

    Here’s my happy baby:

  12. Congratulations! It is gorgeous! The Lettre bags look much better in person. I have the gold version and love it!
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  13. Lala congratulations on getting this beauty ...we are bag twins :drinks:.
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  14. Matching H strap in 105cm to wear it crossbody, wider strap gives it a casual look :smile:
  15. Would you please share more information of the matching strap? I love it :loveeyes: