Lettre Kelly love or hate?

  1. Yay or nay
    If so why?
    which is your favourite combo?
    Let's hear some opinions
    Coz I maybe offer one soon
    My sm hinted me
  2. Pics?
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  3. Congrats on the offer bagidiotic! Find the different leathers stitched together interesting... It is a collector’s piece for sure but not for me. The de camp dechainee is a collector’s piece that i will love to own/use though.
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  5. Dear @bagidiotic, did your SM order one with your specific initial? If not then how does it work for PO? I was thinking this is better as an SO don't you agree?
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  6. Not for me!
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  7. Don’t love this style
  8. Nah, I don't like it
  9. Not a style I would choose for myself.
  10. Not my style. IMO, the Kelly design is beautiful in it’s simplicity without any additions or variations.
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  11. Sometimes I feel that this is Hermes way of utilizing the scraps from other bags in a creative way.
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  12. Yep! Petite H in a grander scale.
  13. not for me too !
  14. No offense to those who love these bags but to promote bags sewn from scraps as exclusive or special just feels wrong somehow.
  15. Not my taste either