Lettre Kelly love or hate?

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  1. I just added the apricot R to my wishlist! I quite like the color even though I feel like most people don’t.

    Funny story: I know someone who bugged her sa so much about an au galop bag (no longer produced, I believe) that the sa just offered her a kelly lettre SO
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  2. I like it and think the apricot R is lively, young and chic :loveeyes:
  3. Thanks for the confirmation. :smile:
  4. Take it!!! All the lettre Kellys from the current season are gorgeous. You can't go wrong with rouge H!!
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  5. I can relate to the emotion up and down (or down and up) you described. H is a master of making things that we never knew we couldn't live without! :P Funny how our zipper pull colors are different! After posting the interior photo, I checked my other verso and noticed that the color of the zipper pull is also identical to the exterior color, not the interior, I thought I was being a bit silly getting so excited about something that's so obvious. But I guess it's not silly after all. You never know what it will be! Every bag is a surprise! ;) Thanks for sharing this photo.
  6. I think the apricot one is stunning too! The uplifting one among the six. So cheerful! If only we're allowed to purchase as many as we want!
  7. I am getting my apricot either tomorrow or saturday!!! Im so excited this will complete my collection of all the letters bag having one letter of each
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  8. :love: Please post picture when you get it from your boutique.
  9. I'd love to see the whole collection!
  10. Here you go everyone!! I just got my R it so beautiful it will soon join my collection when I get back to my home country
    2053304B-B1F6-4C2C-AD69-7849281467B9.jpeg 1D23DC45-7859-4827-85B4-607F691E8B15.jpeg
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  11. Looking forward to more close up photos and mod shots!!!
  12. OMG!! :loveeyes::loveeyes:
  13. Has anyone seen the other E yet? The one with cacao as the main color?
  14. Letter M from 2018 FW.

    sombrero rouge H / chevre vermillon / epsom rouge grenat.

    The lighting seems to be a bit yellow. Any guess on what the interior color is?

    photo from IG

  15. On the Instagram posting I saw, it said Rose Tyrien interior. :thinking:
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