Let's Show How We Do LV Hacks!! Share Your Innovative Ideas and Ways to Modify LV

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  1. Taiga leather Kourad clutch with straped looped under the flap and worn as a shoulder bag. The bag hasnt been altered yet, still pondering on what approach to take _20181124_213639.JPG
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  2. 1A1CD3B4-9966-414E-A8F7-EA11D78DD5C9.jpeg I changed out the leather strap for an LV brown nylon strap I bought years ago. The brown matches the glazing. I am also planning on having a custom chain strap made by Mautto
  3. I really love this strap. It's so nonchalant and looks extra comfortable!
  4. This is such a great idea!
  5. I went with adding rivets on the back. I should have added them higher, the would sit better on my body that way. Lesson learnt. DSC_2479.JPG 15455167198101364178093.jpg
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  6. Very brave! And it looks really nice.
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  8. Thank You! It look me 3-4 weeks to work up the courage to do it because this piece was so nice but i was so getting annoyed from just looping a strap under the flap and having the whole thing come undone everytime i opened it.
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  9. I understand what you mean. I've actually used the part you used to turn some of my bags to a crossbody bag. But not to an LV bag!
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  10. [​IMG]
    Poche noe as a crossbody
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  11. This is amazing. Do you mind sharing the process of adding rivets???

    The newly improved bag looks absolutely fabulous. Practical too!!
  12. Hi! I joined this group on Facebook and one of the admins (Jessie Rader) posted a tutorial and also sells the d ring rivets. I bought a handheld leather hole punch, punched a hole in the bag in each spot where I wanted to add the rivet and the rivet just screws in (you get two pieces that screw in per d ring rivet). Just 3 easy steps.

    I recommend you really think about it before doing it because once you punch that hole, LV won't ever accept the bag for repairs again and the value may go down if you try to resell it. I bought the vintage LV men's clutch quite cheap $150 AUD and the condition wasn't the best so I was content to experiment/use it as a project bag. But I love how it turned out! All Weather, full leather bag and I change out the straps as I please haha :smile:

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  13. Wow this is incredible! I’m so impressed!
  14. Added D rings to Noe Poche (Noe Pouch) so I can add straps
  15. This is inspirational. Trying to figure out what to do with my bag. Thanks for the ideas here