Let's Show How We Do LV Hacks!! Share Your Innovative Ideas and Ways to Modify LV

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  1. I think there are a lot of innovative ways out there on how to improve our LV experience. Many tricks are already floating around; but we don't seem to have a place that show all these tips and tricks altogether.

    I thought it would a good idea to consolidate all our innovative ideas, to create a platform for everyone to share and learn from our collective knowledge and experience as a community. Who is in??
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  2. I think this is a great idea!!! I've never altered a bag before but I've got some pieces that I've often thought about switching up. Always looking for ideas, can't wait to see what TPFs post.
  3. I put my lock over my luggage tag to weigh it down and prevent it from flipping over to the back :smile:

    I use a big plastic shopping bag on either side of my laptop in my keepall 45 to keep it upright so I can use it as an everyday bag
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  4. Following! Can't wait to see what gets posted.
  5. +1
  6. great thread op. let's see some ingenious ideas how to beautify our already gorgeous bags.
  7. Let's see everyones ideas! :smile:
  8. I never thought of doing that for the luggage tag!! Smart!
  9. Not really a hack but I was really worried about it pulling on my ignition thing. I read it in a post. I did not want to stop using it with my car keys.

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  10. Great thread!

    Here's my Marylebone PM with the Fleur de Monogram Charm Chain. I used an extra chain strap to attach the charm as it's too short to fit between the handles. :graucho::lol:

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  11. Ooh I love this! I have a DE key pouch and I always worry about this, I'll hafta try it out!
  12. Subscribing to this post! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
  13. Very innovative ladies!! Keep them coming!!
  14. I will share my recent try:

    I really don't like the loopy end on pochette because it's just too inconvenient. So I got these hooks from eBay and did this:



    It is a perfect match!! See the details


    Now it's super easy to use!
  15. Also another thing that I have shared here before (not really a hack, just a new way to wear) is to use mini pochette like waist bag on the jean.