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  1. What type of D-rings are you using???
  2. Got them from Joann's. $2.49 plus tax for set of two.
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  3. Does anyone feel that adding D-rings to the canvas can eventually cause the bag to tear from the weight of what is inside the bag? Or stretch the canvas upwards from the bottom of the D-ring?
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  4. You can sandwich a piece of leather in the back between the 2 brass posts for strength.
  5. I added a chain to my large kirigami by punching holes and attaching D rings. :lol:



    I used a leather hole punch a mini screwdriver and D rings. 83B84EED-ED0E-4B07-AD71-8A3D1D7D9971.jpeg
  6. Thank you. I know. I was a bit afraid at first but I’ve wanted to do it for awhile now. So I sAid today's the day. No time like the present. And I didn't make any punching mistakes either. :biggrin:
  7. That would have been so awful....if you had made a mistake!
  8. has anyone here purchased a vachetta strap (non LV) that has patina'ed nicely?
  9. $70 more than PA, but Noe pouch is much more for the money!
    Don’t mind the tape- trying to train drawstring to lay flat
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  10. Yes, my mcraftleather strap!
  11. It took me 3 days to get one into the store from when I told my SA I wanted it! That was only a couple weeks ago.
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  12. just checked the shop out... looks great! thank you. would you be able to share a pic of how your strap looks now?
  13. It is posted in my pictures above :smile: The vachetta and ebene straps above are both mcraftleather. 2 years old this May
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