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  1. woops, didnt realize those were mcraftleather straps. thats awesome!
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  2. A43E2997-3C8B-451B-A53B-1A54DFF96DDE.jpeg D51C4ACB-81C3-48E6-811D-E08BC964A224.jpeg B1B1F92F-35FC-43E8-980A-C08C9C897AE4.jpeg 92BEA8CF-1D4A-4D4D-A329-BA46D9F247EE.jpeg 73C38396-DF29-42E7-B10C-AC839CB2F43F.jpeg A43E2997-3C8B-451B-A53B-1A54DFF96DDE.jpeg D51C4ACB-81C3-48E6-811D-E08BC964A224.jpeg B1B1F92F-35FC-43E8-980A-C08C9C897AE4.jpeg This is how I get 4 keys and a car key inside my key pouch & they all fit & it closes using black cable ties and a tip put the car key in first or whatever is your biggest key and then the smaller keys
    Using the cable ties leaving a little room so you can move up & down the chain when needed or u can undo the cable tie when you need to remove/add key

    I absolutely love my key pouch been using it for years most useful product I’ve ever purchase can also put cards in but I don’t like how stuffed it gets when I do that with my keys

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  3. Hi no not at all. Actually another member here (sorry forgot who) told me about it from amazon. The only downfall is that it took about 2 weeks to come.
    This is it. The seller is k-craft.

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  4. Thank you so much! I've got time to wait for the strap :smile:
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  5. This is brilliant! How did you know where to punch holes? Did you measure or just eyeball where you thought?
  6. Thank you. :biggrin:

    Yes, first I looked to see where I could punch the hole from the edge which would fit the D ring. Then I wanted to make sure the hole was not too close to the top where the vinyl could rip. Next, I wanted to make sure you couldn’t see the rings in the front when the flap was closed.
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  7. I’m not sure if this is considered a “hack” but here goes! This Damier Azur Speedy 30 was given to me back in 2009. It originally had the vachetta leather trim and handles. This was the 1st LV bag that I ever owned. I’m new to the LV game and I knew absolutely NOTHING about caring for vachetta leather. Needless to say I trashed the handles and no amount of cleaning that I tried made any difference. I packed her away and never used it again. I was recently inspired by the Monogram bags with black leather trim so I just said “what the hell”! It wasn’t like I was using the bag anyway. I’m pretty artistic and I also am a self taught nail tech so I have very steady hands. I painted all the trim black with acrylic leather paint and used a satin finish as a top coat. I wanted them to be just a little shiny buuuuuut it came out way shinier than I expected :hrmm: I then printed an enlarged LV symbol from the internet and traced it onto the bag. I used the same paint and I am sooooooooo pleased with how it came out (besides the shiny black that is). I only painted one side, but I think I want to do something to the other side. Maybe a “racing stripe” down the center of the other side with my initials? I don’t know...what do you ladies think? :confused1: Do you think that’ll be too much? I’m thinking it’ll give me the option of wearing either side and it would be like having 2 bags instead of one. All suggestions are welcomed :flowers::idea::smile:

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  8. That looks great! You do have steady hands, it looks like it came from LV that way. I'd be happy the way it is, do what makes you happy.
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  9. LOVE!!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!!
  10. Where did you get the D rings?
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  11. Amazon. I believe I listed it above. 429977EC-8F75-44F9-A8AE-B5FA1BCDBF82.jpeg
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  12. This is beautiful. You could charge to personalize bags and make a fortune!
  13. Wow - looks great! IMHO, the stripes might be too much...I think it's perfect just as it is - you are very artistic :smile:
  14. this is so pretty! and i would personally leave it as is. on days when i dont want it to be loud, i would carry the plain side.
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