Lets Cut to the Chase ...

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  1. Gorgeous!

  2. ohh.. wat a score! it's beautiful! the colour + leather makes one feel so calm for some reason. lol *
  3. :tup:Archangel/Kelly 32 ::tup:

    GS : hehee, no, not the RS azap ...
  4. Parchemin Swift GHW Kelly Cut!

    I love Parchemin in Swift and GHW!!!! Oh you're so lucky to get it in GHW!!
  5. It's the Kelly cut!!! Oh I love the colour. Is it parchemin in swift?
  6. Mspiggy : LOL !! perfect score - on the specs :smile:
  7. Oh!!! It's so pretty!!! Looks like vanilla icing. :smile:

    And your kids are so adorable!!
  8. Congrats. Great photos of the kids too.
  9. So classy looking! Congrats tosca! :yahoo:
  10. argh, my processer is acting up again ! i cant post a pic of the bag in its full glory !

    CandiS: my sentiments exactly !!! very calming - like what i felt when i saw it!!!:heart:
  11. OO:huh:Ooo:huh:Oohhhh! Love the Parchemin with the GHW!! :love:
  12. More pics please sweetie and action ones too.

    And what about the rest of the boxes??
  13. Congratulations Tosca!
    Lovely H Bag!
  14. GORRRRRRRGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the cupcakes look amazing too!!!!
  15. I second everything in this comment! :yes: