Lets Cut to the Chase ...

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  1. okok, not exactly - a little preamble to give me time to resize my pics -

    It started out as an uneventful morning ...
  2. you got a kelly CUT?????????
  3. :nuts:
  4. i went for a cupcake class and made these :

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  5. Ah, I so love reveals! :nuts:
  6. Tosca is it that one??:graucho:
  7. Can't wait to see what you have! Bring it on.
  8. Cute and yummy!
  9. wow, those cupcakes are yummy! :nuts:

    Now, what's coming up after?
  10. Whoa, those cupcakes are too cute to eat.
  11. and realised i had a missed call from my dear SA.
    So i called her back and she said "xxx, something came in ... u'd love it ..."

    But i had to return home to nurse this dude :

    and i also promised to make cupcakes with this little rascal:
  12. opps, the pics didnt load

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  13. Don't forget to let me try those cupcakes. Quick with the review!:woohoo:
  14. this little one wasnt very happy when i said i wanted to go shopping instead of baking ...

    So i kept to my promise and bake we did ...

    but by the time i got this Kitchen Aid sorted out (first time using it and aid i sure needed ...) it was late afternoon and we were all tired out :sad:

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  15. OMG.. a live one?? F5 F5 =)