Lets Cut to the Chase ...

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  1. Ooooh, congratulations!! Beautiful bag!!!

    [It does look like vanilla frosting!] :smile:
  2. :smile:

    Attached Files:

  3. SIGH. Love the GHW!!!!

  4. I think I just died and went to Clutch heaven......! :drool:

  5. yay congrats! I love it!
  6. Toscaong - congratulations on your beautiful clutch! The colour is so soft and inviting.

    Now I want one too!

    I'll first start off with a cupcake. Where's PMC? May I join you for a cupcake?
  7. Beautiful and classy!
  8. Me too!!
  9. Beautiful Kelly Cut! Congrats!!
  10. Oh, that does look so scrumptious.... congrats to you!

    come on, tosca!! The other boxes in the background are feeling left out!!! :woohoo:
  11. Congrats!
    I'm beginning to soften towards the beige color family... parchmein is just SOOOO gorgeous!

    Die... now you have me craving for cupcakes too! :sweatdrop:
  12. thanks for your lovely comments !!!

    it's "lights out" here as we're trying to put the toddler to bed , so i cant take pics of the items in the other boxes - just 2 horn necklaces and some blankets for the DS and the DD.
  13. PMC : u got your cupcakes yet ??:P

    MiaT: LOL !! maybe it really was the cupcakes huh ... lucky cupcakes ! heeheee:yahoo::yahoo:

    GS : Will bake a batch for the next SGmeet ! Am too free nowadays anyhows ;)
  14. That is the most gorgeous clutch -- love the gold hardware with the pale color skin!!!
  15. Oh yeah! I am really getting to taste those yummilicious cupcakes!!:yahoo:

    And congrats on the horn necklaces and blankets too!

    ps Why no RS azap? You changed your mind?:confused1: